Big Brother Mzansi: What's next for Nale?

Local 17 March 2022

Nale discusses her unexpected nomination from the Big Brother Mzansi House and missing a spot in the Top 5.

Big Brother Mzansi: What's next for Nale?

In the 7th Sunday live eviction ceremony on 13 March, 2 Housemates were eliminated from Big Brother Mzansi. First to leave the House was musician Thobeka Mtshali, popularly known by her stage name Venus, followed by the real shocker: Fan favourite and model Naledi “Nale” Mogadime. Sorry, Alphas!

It’s no secret that Nale was considered a threat by the remaining Housemates. She was nominated for eviction several times and survived, but in the week that she wasn’t put on the chopping block, Head of House Libo used his veto power to save Tulz and replace him with Nale, leading to Nale getting the boot.

Nonetheless, Nale doesn’t hold any grudges against Libo, and she is at peace with her eviction. “It wasn’t a nice feeling when Libo put me up for nomination. Not only that, but Libo and I had formed a friendship and we did our daily chores together,” says Nale, before adding: “If he didn’t nominate me, I would still be in the House, but I don’t want to dwell on that. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I have no regrets. I played a great game,” adds 24-year-old Nale, who will be remembered for her deep and hilarious conversations at the fire pit while smoking with Housemates Acacia and Tulz.

Nale tells us more about her experience in the Big Brother Mzansi House and she clears the air on her recent disagreement with Themba.

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Nale dodges the dark side!

In your exit interview with the Big Brother Mzansi host Lawrence Maleka, you pointed out that you were ready to leave. When did you get to that point? 

“My main reason for entering Big Brother Mzansi was to have fun. When the numbers started dwindling, and the Housemates took the game to the dark side [and blindsided each other], the competition was no longer fun for me. It was then that I realised that I had fulfilled my purpose and that it was time to leave.”

What kind of game did you play? 

“I think that I had a free-spirited game, in which I didn’t overthink the competition. Above all, I lived in the moment, and I enjoyed every minute of it”

You wanted an all-women Top 5 but 2 women were evicted in the recent evection ceremony. What’s your take on the male alliance? 

“One thing that has been clear from the beginning is that the gents were united, while the ladies were pretty much divided. The women were all strong and independent and we didn’t need each other but that played to our betrayal. Look where we are now! The male alliance is stronger than ever.”

Why did you enter Big Brother Mzansi?

“I was looking forward to challenging myself and I was eager to put myself in a position where people would see me and get a better understanding of me – and where else but on a reality show that is watched by millions of South Africans? The Big Brother Mzansi viewers had complete access to me, they watched me for 24 hours a day and they were also introduced to my personality. I’m glad that I took the step and entered the show.”

How would you describe your journey in the Big Brother Mzansi House?

“It was fantastic. I was true to myself, and during my diary sessions with Biggie, I was open and honest with him. I was also honest with the viewers. I’m still the same old Nale who walked in the House on the first night and I’m leaving with my values intact. The competition didn’t change me. “

Tell us about your squabble with Themba, in which you called him “negative”. What was that about and did you resolve your differences before you left? 

“Somewhat. On the evening in which I said that he was negative, I felt that he was and, in the days leading up to my eviction, I felt a slight change in his mood, and he was no longer negative. Themba and I gradually started talking and we were polite to each other again. I remember hugging him when I left the House and smiling at him. So, there isn’t any bad blood between us. “

You have plenty of fan pages on social media. What would you like to tell your supporters, who call themselves the Alphas?

“I can’t believe what’s happening out there! I’m overwhelmed with all the support. I’m grateful that people related to me while I was in the House. I feel understood and seen. I’m thankful and I appreciate the Alphas. “

Now that you’re out of the competition. Who are you rooting for?

“Definitely Gash1. He is incredibly smart, collected and focused. I think that he is taking the money home.”

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