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Music fans and musicians, tune us at DMX!

Reach out to the DMX music channels on DStv to raise your voice and make some noise

While your DStv decoder brings you the latest and greatest television, there are also a host of audio channels to keep you moving to the music – without the interruptions that wreck a playlist – courtesy of DStv and DMX.

DMX offers 40 audio channels ranging from the very latest in international music to local favourites. And now, DMX is giving music lovers the chance to provide feedback and suggestions about your favourite channels. For music artists looking for airplay of your hot new tracks – submit your music for review to DMX.

Visit the DMX website

Get into your groove

The DMX website contains in-depth information on DMX’s 40 music channels currently on DStv (see below for details). Each month, DMX celebrates a music channel with insight from music designers on what makes the genre work and where its ambience is best enjoyed.

Take your ears on a joy ride with the variety of music samples on the page. And if you’d like to experiment with greater variety, DMX can help you to tailor-make your listening experience.

Dmx Hands Raised

Music for and by the people

With 40 channels, many of which showcase brilliant local talent, DMX welcomes musicians in search of an audience, too.

Follow the simple guidelines on the website for submitting your tracks for consideration, including the correct format for your email, guidelines for which digital jukeboxes to set up your tracks on, and the correct file format to ensure that the DMX Music Designers hear your work the way you intend it to sound. Let’s get started!

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DMX channels

If you’re new to the DStv audio channels, there are currently 40 different DMX channels, with as many categories as there are at the Grammy Awards. Here’s where you can find them using your decoder (this service isn’t available via streaming at this stage).

801 Adult contemporary 802 Today’s Hits 803 Y2K Hits 804 ’70s Hits
805 ’80s Hits 806 Familiar Favourites 807 Soft Hits 808 Love Songs
809 Metro Blends 810 Cityscapes 811 Groove Lounge 812 House Party
813 Power Hits 814 Dance 815 Electrosphere 816 Campus Rock
817 Alternative 818 Hard Rock 819 Classic Rock 820 Golden Oldies
821 ’90s Hits 822 Classic R&B 823 Urban Adult 824 Urban Beat
825 Reggae 826 Modern Country 827 Traditional Country 828 Gospel
829 African Rhythms 830 Italian Contemporary 831 Smooth Jazz 832 Classic Jazz
833 Blues 834 Beautiful Instruments 835 Contemporary 836 New Age
837 Light Classic 838 Arias and Overtures 839 Chamber Music 840 Symphonic

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