Meet Esther Chungu, host of Wawu, That’s My Dress

Local 09 September 2021

Zambia’s Talented Esther Chungu Joins Honey Tv As The New Host Of Wawu, That’s My Dress!

Meet Esther Chungu, host of Wawu, That’s My Dress

Wawu, That’s My Dress has proven to be a HONEY audience favourite since the show’s launch in February 2021. The country-hopping wedding reality format has seen viewership grow in Nigeria, with host Dami Oke, in Kenya with Amina Abdi Rabar, and more recently in Zambia with Esther Chungu.

Chungu is an award-winning TV host and musician and one of Zambia’s most popular entertainment figures. She joins HONEY TV as a much anticipated addition to the vibrant Wawu, That’s My Dress hosting roster.

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We sat down with Chungu for a catch-up.

1. How did your role as the new Wawu, That's My Dress host come about?

My journey with Wawu, That’s My Dress: Zambia came about after Media365 invited me for an interview to possibly host a new show that was coming to Zambia! I immediately fell in love with the whole concept and was praying to become a part of it! Which I did! And I’m so grateful!

2. Were there any nerves knowing that you'd be joining an existing wedding show format with other hosts before you?

There were so many nerves going through my mind as I tried to make sure that I keep the standard set by the previous hosts – such amazing people that have paved the way for us. However, I was trying by all means possible to keep myself focused on bringing my own flavour and personality and hopefully make the previous hosts proud.

3. How did your journey in entertainment start out?

I started out as a gospel artist, which I still am, and grew into media when I was given the opportunity by my friend and fellow artist, Jay Roxa, to be part of a four-lady panel that just discusses different matters that affect people from every angle. We have three seasons in the bag.

4. What's the most exciting part about working with HONEY TV?

It’s a Pan-African channel! That in itself is so huge. I love my Africa and I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to connect with so many people from all over this beautiful continent we know as home. Plus the fact that it’s afforded me the opportunity to help other brides right after having been one myself! It’s all so exciting!

5. What are some assumptions that people have about you that have shocked you in the past?

Mostly that I’m a serious person. I am when need be, but overall I’m a goofball and I always love to have fun with people around me. Many people have previously thought that I’m not Zambian. Like what do you mean, sis? [Laughs]

6. Five things you can't live without?

The Bible, a notebook, any book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, my phone (guilty pleasure) and my big laugh!

7. Where do you see Esther in 10 years' time?

I see Esther owning a media company that focuses on creating fun and knowledgeable Christian content for television. I see myself and my husband, Chaka, building a foundation that will focus on children being fed in schools. I also see myself bringing home a Grammy. Prayers up!

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