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Spring into September with VIA on DStv

Local 06 September 2021

Heléne Lombard, Diaan Daniels, Marliza van den Berg & Reuben Riffel’s new shows and seasons on DStv this September

Spring into September with VIA on DStv

VIA (DStv channel 147) sweeps us up in the joy and enchantment of spring this September with four new shows and seasons that are here to fill you with the feeling that you can do anything.

Dust off your dreams and start making plans, because Heléne Lombard, Diaan Daniels, Marliza van den Berg and Reuben Riffel have a special invitation to inspiration for you.

Whether you have a wedding, a dinner, a birthday or a journey on your to-do list, VIA’s September shows have hints and tips to start your ideas blossoming and before you know it, you’ll be filled with creative thoughts, plans and fancies.

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The Fab Four

Boerediva S1

Cooking becomes a theatrical experience in actress Heléne Lombard's bohemian kitchen. Viewers can look forward to heritage food, imaginative concoctions, brand-new dishes, and special handmade gifts. Heléne would love to show you how you can make special surprises with love, for the people you love best, as you uncover your inner diva. PS: Get those craft supplies ready and you could start working on your year-end gifts now.

Watch from Thursday, 2 September on VIA (DStv channel 147) at 17:00

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Die Bruid-Boetiek S2

Designer Diaan Daniels invites us into his exclusive bridal boutique where, in each episode, 2 brides-to-be swing by to try on different dresses. And they’ll try and try and try until they find their perfect match because for Diaan, there’s nothing sweeter than making a dream come true as this season of love begins.

Watch from Thursday, 2 September on VIA (DStv channel 147) at 16:30

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300 Dpi VIA Opsoeknaeden
Op Soek Na Eden S1

Journalist Marliza van den Berg takes us on a tour of her new, adoptive home: South Africa’s Garden Route. In each episode, she will show us a different facet of the region, allowing viewers to experience everything on offer, from food to views to nature. It’s a search for a special place where you could feel like part of a special community, just breathe, and put down roots where you can grow in the sun.

Watch from Wednesday, 29 September on VIA (DStv channel 147) at 18:30

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300 Dpi VIA Aansit
Aansit S2

Chef Reuben Riffel judges this cooking competition. Home cooks compete in teams of 3 to prepare lavish, restaurant-quality 3-course meals for Reuben and his guest judge, with a tasty cash prize on offer. But their pickiest judges will be their opponents. Just look at that teamwork and all those clever techniques, and start making plans with a friend for throwing your divine dinner for your bubble.

Watch from Thursday, 16 September on VIA (DStv channel 147) at 20:00

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