M-Net Movies launches two new pop-up channels


Hollywood’s Sexiest pop-up channel and Lethal Legends pop-up channel will both launch on Friday, 24 September.

M-Net Movies launches two new pop-up channels

Following the double launch of the AfroCinema and Fast and Furious pop-up channels in May, M-Net Movies is yet again gearing up to launch two new pop-up channels, Hollywood's Sexiest pop-up channel and Lethal Legends pop-up channel, on Friday, 24 September.

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Hollywood’s Sexiest pop-up channel

Hollywood's Sexiest pop-up channel is dedicated to the talented movie stars that mesmerise us with their amazing physique and stunning looks. The exciting pop-up channel will show films led by the most attractive actors and actresses who have achieved fame in Hollywood - both past and present.

It will be broadcast on DStv channel 111 and available to DStv Premium customers daily from 16:00 until after midnight. The channel's end date will be on Sunday, 10 October.

Viewers can expect a must-see movie selection, showing the most sizzling and memorable scenes starring Hollywood’s hottest stars - from Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise to Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling, from Halle Berry and Julia Roberts to Nicole Kidman and Sharon Stone. Popular titles include Basic Instinct, Fifty Shades trilogy, Magic Mike XXL, Titanic, and After We Collided.

The pop-up channel's inventory will be available on Catch Up until Wednesday, 10 November. DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access customers can watch Hollywood’s Sexiest pop-up channel when they ADD Movies to their existing DStv account.

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Lethal Legends pop-up channel

Alongside it, the Lethal Legends pop-up channel celebrates the greatest action stars of the '80s and '90s. On DStv channel 113, the action-packed channel will bring thrilling blockbusters from Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, and Michael Dudikoff. They are legendary martial arts performers known for their no-nonsense personality, which has helped them carve out a name for themselves in the action genre, particularly in South Africa, where they are referred to as “starring,” a term that means “action hero.”

There will be exciting battle scenes, epic chases, fierce gunfights, and massive explosions, with the movies scheduled according to one of the following themes at peak times of 18:00 to 20:00: Martial Arts; Cops, Spies, and Agents; Soldiers on a Mission; and Revenge. Viewers can look forward to titles such as Bloodsport, Hard to Kill, Death Warrant, Invasion USA, and Platoon Leader.

The channel is open to DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact packages and will run from 10:00 to midnight every day until Sunday, 3 October. Subscribers with DStv Family and Access customers can ADD Movies to watch the pop-up channel. The movie collection will be available on Catch Up until Wednesday, 3 November.

Viewers can watch both pop-up channels on the DStv App using their laptop, tablet, or cellphone.

Watch Hollywood’s Sexiest Pop-Up Channel and Lethal Legends Pop-Up Channel from 24 September.

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