On his way up: Aewon Wolf

19 September 2015
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Anyone who has their pulse on what's poppin' in SA hip hop right now should know who Aewon Wolf is. The Durban rapper has for the longest time injected passion and dedication into his craft and he's now at that critical point where his star is poised to rise. We caught up with the "About a week ago" rapper for a young tête-à-tête and he lets us into what's happening in his world:

How would you define your sound? Digital maskandi, Gqom Trap, New age kwaito…
I can't define it into any of those categories cause I sample from all my musical tastes which describe how I feel at the time. So if I want to talk about love, I might make a RnB feel type song, and if I want to party then I might make a trap or dance type song that suits that mood.

You’ve been a long time contributor to the Durban hip hop scene. Take us through the journey.

I was probably six years old when I fell in love with hip hop. My older brother had a lot of hip hop albums from the west coast, the likes of Snoop Dogg, Tupac and 213. I on the other hand, loved listening to only Michael Jackson and Sankomota (Tshepo Tshola), hip hop still sounded like gibberish to me, but I loved the melodies. I guess it just naturally happened, the older I got, I started writing my own raps. My older brother had a Kwaito group and I was the biggest fan of TKZee who I considered as my hip hop.
In Durban, the low was that hip hop was always treated like the ugly stepchild, and got no love. So I took it upon myself with my brothers to start RUN DBN so that we can create our own attractive hip hop scene. The highlight is that it worked.

What about the Durban hip hop scene is different or similar to Jo’burgs?
Well the only difference, I feel, is Durban has a lot original work cause it's not easily influenced by money and the media since it's never had neither so people always had the freedom to do what they want.

What’s taking up most of your time right now?
I basically live in studio but there's a lot of out of town bookings taking up my time and corporate things that I can't even speak about now. I've decided to make music my Job, so I'm taking it serious like one.

Dope track "Kumnandila" featuring Sketchy Bongo and Okmalumkoolkat. What was up with the video though? What was the concept?
That video was abstract because the music is that way, I still love that video. I feel like it's way ahead of its time, but thats how I, OkMalumKoolKat and Sketchy Bongo have always been and we are ok with that. Eventually people catch up.

Your producer and DJ Sketchy Bongo does the mask thing, what’s the reasoning behind that?

He wants to stay anonymous from the public eye so he can focus on the music.

Describe Aewon Wolf ten years from now?

Well two years from now, I will be retiring from commercially releasing and performing music. I plan to make music for myself and my core fanbase and explore my music creatively while, I pursue my interests in business and becoming a film director, telling South African stories to the world.

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