Meet the Supporting Cast of Billions

29 December 2015
In a few short weeks Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti will bring the complex world of finance and politics to your screens in Billions.

In a few short weeks Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti will bring the complex world of finance and politics to your screens in Billions. Joining them in their roles as Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades are a slew of great actors in roles as complex as the world in which they're set.

Here's what Showtime has to say about these characters. Read it here, and tune into the Season 1 premiere of Billions Express from the U.S. on Tuesday 19 January at 02:00 on M-Net Edge, and in prime time at 21:00.


Played by Maggie Siff

A psychiatrist by trade, Wendy Rhoades combines an avid intellect with a keen understanding of human nature. She used those skills to help Bobby Axelrod build his hedge fund from the ground up and now works as the company's star in-house performance coach. Wendy joined Axe Capital long before Chuck became the U.S. Attorney and she refuses to sacrifice her lucrative career for her husband's crusade.



Played by Malin Åkerman​

Stunning and stylish, Lara Axelrod is the picture of a billionaire's wife. But her persona is entirely self-taught. A former nurse, she grew up in a blue-collar family of police and firefighters and still thinks of herself as a tough girl from Inwood. Lara's not afraid to marshal her considerable resources to protect her family - or to get what she wants.



Played by Toby Leonard Moore

Chuck Rhoades' right hand man in the U.S. Attorney's office is Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Connerty. A tough, idealistic lawyer from a modest background, Connerty admires Chuck and shares his zeal for righting wrongs. In fact, Connerty's commitment to justice may exceed his boss's.



Played by David Costabile

Bobby Axelrod's right hand man is the COO of Axe Capital, Mike "Wags" Wagner. Wags is a patrician WASP who still has to work for a living, and no one has ever kissed ass with more aplomb. But he truly does have Bobby's back, for which his boss rewards him handsomely.



Played by Condola Rashād

A hungry young Assistant DA, Kate Sacker boasts an ivy-league pedigree and lofty ambitions toward public service. Her mentor Bryan Connerty recognises that Sacker's smarts and social access make her the most valuable member of his team - and a woman he'd like to know better.


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