Get to Know the Cast of Blood & Oil

07 June 2016
Meet the members of the Blood & Oil cast.
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Mix the glorious setting of the American Midwest with the drama of the modern-day oil boom and you have Blood and Oil. But that’s only the half of it: toss in a tumultuous family and an impressionable young couple who’s new in town, and you have tension and turmoil.

Leading the cast of characters in this new series is Don Johnson, well known to television audiences for his roles in Miami Vice and Nash Bridges. His may be one of the most recognisable faces, particularly if you were growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but the rest of the cast has been around. Here’s where you may have seen them.

Don Johnson is Happ Briggs

If you’re too young to remember Miami Vice or Nash Bridges (or weren’t yet born when these shows were at their peak), you may have spotted Johnson in Machete, Django Unchained or The Other Woman.

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Amber Valletta is Carla Briggs

Having graced the cover of magazines as a successful model, this is also a face you’ll quickly recognise. But if you’re not the type to page through glossies, you’ll have watched Valletta in movies like Hitch, Transporter 2 and The Spy Next Door.

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Scott Michael Foster is Wick Briggs

His films have been few and far between, so far; but on TV he’s already had recurring roles in Once Upon A Time and Californication.

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Chace Crawford is Billy LeFever

Gossip Girl fans will be familiar with Crawford, but the actor’s also popped up in a couple of horror flicks: The Covenant and The Haunting of Molly Hartley.

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Rebecca Rittenhouse is Cody LeFever

Unless you were paying very close attention while watching The Affair, or watched the only season of Red Band Society, it’s likely you haven't seen this young actress before.

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India de Beaufort is Jules Jackman

This British actress got her start in a children’s show back home, but has since established herself in the US with appearances in shows such as One Tree Hill and Necessary Roughness. Chicago fans may remember her as Layla Roslyn from the P.D. instalment.

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Delroy Lindo is Tip Harrison

Well known for his work in film – from great dramas like Malcolm X and The Cider Houser Rules to comedy and action like Get Shorty and Gone in 60 Seconds – Lindo is the other face you’re most likely to recognise.

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Watch Blood & Oil Season 1 every Friday at 19:00 from 10 June on M-Net Edge.