police academy 5 assignment miami beach
 Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

About the movie

Commandant Lassard of the Police Academy is honoured at the National Police Chiefs Convention in Miami Beach. Quite a few of the Academy graduates accompany him there, where they meet his nephew, who is an ambitious policeman. Chaos reigns when jewel thieves kidnap the commandant.

police academy 3 back in training
Police Academy Characters

Who is your favourite Police Academy cop?

Carey Mahoney25%
Moses Hightower13%
Eugene Tackleberry13%
Larvell Jones13%
Debbie Callahan0%
Laverne Hooks13%
Eric Lassard25%


michael winslow
Michael Winslow
George Gaynes
George Gaynes
gw bailey
GW Bailey
david graf
David Graf

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