Digital Migration

Digital migration is here – the process to change the technology used to send TV signals to your home from analogue to digital. Think of it as going from a record player to a CD – it’s going to make your viewing experience a whole lot better.

Back in 1976, when TV started in South Africa, we used analogue signals and some broadcasts (SABC, eTV, M-Net) are still using this technology today. Government now wants us to make the transition to digital.

Soon, analogue broadcasters and their viewers will be required to begin the move to digital technology – then, at a date to be announced by government, analogue broadcast signals will be switched off and television broadcasting in South Africa will be totally digital.

The move or migration from analogue to digital is a global phenomenon – South Africa is joining hundreds of countries around the world to move to more efficient digital television.

Benefits of digital television

This process of migration is a government initiative, which will allow you to experience the many benefits of digital television. These benefits include:

  • Clearer pictures
  • Sharper sound
  • More channels to choose from
  • An electronic programming guide - so you can see what’s on and coming up
  • Radio services and music channels
  • HD channels*
*requires an HD-ready TV and connecting cables

Both of these are digital services and the difference is the way the TV signals get to you:

  • Satellite broadcasting uses a satellite which is positioned above the earth. For this reason, you need a decoder AND a satellite dish to receive TV signals. This is the DStv service.
  • Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) uses a network of transmission towers on the ground to relay the signal across the country. You only need a decoder and an aerial to receive these signals.

IMPORTANT NOTE : DTT is not be available in all areas nationwide. DTT uses a network of land-based transmission towers which have specific areas of coverage. If you fall outside the coverage area, you won’t be able to receive DTT services and your only option will be satellite.

DStv customers don’t need to do anything and don’t need to migrate – DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is already digital.

If you’re a DStv customer but still using an M-Net analogue decoder, then you’ll need to change your M-Net decoder to a DStv decoder or to a GOtv decoder to give you access to digital terrestrial television.

Please rest assured that you will still get a similar service to what you have now.

We will guide you through the migration process every step of the way, including assisting you with your digital installation. You will need to get a new digital decoder, which we will offer you at a discount.

We will offer a special GOtv package for our existing terrestrial customers, which will include M-Net and CSN at about the same price as you are paying now. This special GOtv package will also be able to receive any of the Free to Air channels.

Over the next few months we will get in touch with every M-Net terrestrial customer to present your available migration to digital options and to assist you with your choice, well before any planned analogue transmission switch off. Look out for further communication from us in the coming months.

For now you don’t have to do anything – we will let you know when you need to migrate. Just continue to enjoy your M-Net viewing!

Read: M-Net letter to analogue customers - 3 February 2016.

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