An image of Theodora Lee

South African YouTuber and blogger Theodora Lee is one of the bloggers nominated for the Kids' Choice Awards Favourite Blogger (Africa) category.

“It’s amazing, I’m so proud of Africa and all the nominees,” she said. See all the KCA winners here.

Theodora’s blog (Theo's Blog) usually has posts about growing up. Now 24, she has posts from when she was a teenager and believes that this could be the reason why many people are attracted to her blog. “People see me as a normal person. I’m not trying to portray an ideal life so it’s like a breath of fresh air,” she said. 

Talking about how it all began, Theodora said: “I was interested in movie making and I started putting some clips of my own together. I saw other YouTubers and thought it was a nice thing to try. I’m more of a YouTuber than blogger.”

She’s inspired by fellow YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat. “I like the way he tells stories,” she explained and also shared a love for “massive YouTuber” Zoella.  

Theodora is encouraged by viewers of her blog as well as personal messages and comments from her followers. 

In three years’ time, she wants to see her blog grow and hopefully get a chance to work more with other people. “I’m always looking to collaborate with other YouTubers,” said Theodora.  

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