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Highlights 20 November 2020

Looking for the perfect #It Me! meme? DStv’s Amameme platform has you covered

Salt Bae got your friends feeling salty? Do you only post the classics from the ancient days of 2017? Maybe it’s time to sprinkle in some new faces on the Amasocials – like a new Amameme – with a little help from DStv.

From late-November, DStv’s brand-new Amameme platform offers the freshest, tastiest gifs and reaction shots from all your favourite shows – for your memeing pleasure. Why hunt the wild memes when you could get some organically grown, ethically sourced shots from Amameme? Just choose your meme, copy that link and get social. If you’re new to the game, the site includes a How To video.

Locally sourced

The very freshest Amamemes are sustainably harvested from local TV shows. On the Loving Local Amameme page, you can either browse all the shows to see what’s on offer, or head straight for your favourite show for that moment you know would make the perfect statement. It’s all there: from the soapies, to Dinner At Somizi’s, to Our Perfect Wedding and drama series like Still Breathing. And social pros know that you don’t have to watch the show to embrace the meme. Just look at all the “no thanks, bye” expressed in this fabulous moment from Gomora:

Item 577 Gomora 53 14217

Exotic memes

From the earliest days of “You’re doing amazing, sweetie,” the Kardashians family’s purpose on Earth has been to be our reigning meme queens. Whether it’s momager Kris dancing with a video camera in her hand (save that one for photo time at family get togethers), Caitlyn Jenner either having a cry or cocaine sniffles, or the out of left field sight of Kourtney dancing around, covered in mud with a duck sitting on her head during her trip to Bali (#drunk), Amameme’s Best Of International has those sweet gifs loaded and ready to share. And as Amameme grows, more shows will join the fun.

Item 283 Kuwtk New 10 9908

Just kidding

The Kids show gifs aren’t just for kids. When you need to express the thoroughly bizarre and surreally relatable experience, there are no shows finer than the likes of SpongeBob SquarePants, Gravity Falls or Teens Titans. Gnomes vomiting rainbows, SpongeBob and Mr Krabs dancing the Can-Can (perfect for those narrow escapes at work), dancing handsome Squidward, Mabel rolling down a hill, Waddles the pig cowering in terror… it’s all here on Kids Amameme, and more.

Item 491 Gravity Falls 9 71451

Laduma! Sports gifs

Victory! Defeat! A quick nap on the pitch! Sports Amamemes are all about the emotions, particularly if you’re looking for a somewhat taunting response. Amameme has already uploaded brilliant meme-worthy shots for your mates, from Onyedikachi Ononogbu sweating while he watches the drama going on around him, #Eish, to the Moroka Swallows giving us that victory wiggle for your na-na-na-na-na moment. Amameme is always on the ball.

Item 746 Psl 09 2057
Item 739 Psl 03 23797

Meme themes

If you're in need of something sassy, the platform has grouped reaction shots into categories like Fearless Females. You can also use the search function to find Amamemes to express your feelings. Some memes come plain, while others have text already inserted if you want to respond with an immediate “Nxx!” to someone’s nonsense (just search, for example, for the term “anger”).

Whether you want to Amameme that stress, hectic feeling, or that terminal eye rolling moment, it’s here. All those victory moments can be expressed in an Amameme, too – with beautiful couples dances from weddings, conspiratorial smiles from Housekeepers and times when the crowd went wild. Confused? Amameme has a gif for that! Just hop on and try it.

Item 38 The River 8 91601
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