FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures

Note: All 64 matches will be available on DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus and DStv Compact. DStv Family and Access will enjoy 30 matches, including the opening match, semi-finals and the final (highlighted in green). The two additional matches on Family and Access will be played on 30 November, between Saudi Arabia and Mexico, and on 1 December, between Canada and Morocco.

Date Group Fixture Kick-off time (CAT)
20-Nov A Qatar vs Ecuador 18:00
21-Nov A Senegal vs Netherlands 18:00
21-Nov B England vs Iran 15:00
21-Nov B United States vs Wales 21:00
22-Nov C Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 12:00
22-Nov C Mexico vs Poland 18:00
22-Nov D France vs Australia 21:00
22-Nov D Denmark vs Tunisia 15:00
23-Nov E Spain vs Costa Rica 18:00
23-Nov E Germany vs Japan 15:00
23-Nov F Belgium vs Canada 21:00
23-Nov F Morocco vs Croatia 12:00
24-Nov G Brazil vs Serbia 21:00
24-Nov G Switzerland vs Cameroon 12:00
24-Nov H Portugal vs Ghana 18:00
24-Nov H Uruguay vs South Korea 15:00
25-Nov A Qatar vs Senegal 15:00
25-Nov A Netherlands vs Ecuador 18:00
25-Nov B England vs United States 21:00
25-Nov B Wales vs Iran 12:00
26-Nov C Argentina vs Mexico 21:00
26-Nov C Poland vs Saudi Arabia 15:00
26-Nov D France vs Denmark 18:00
26-Nov D Tunisia vs Australia 12:00
27-Nov E Spain vs Germany 21:00
27-Nov E Japan vs Costa Rica 12:00
27-Nov F Belgium vs Morocco 15:00
27-Nov F Croatia vs Canada 18:00
28-Nov G Brazil vs Switzerland 18:00
28-Nov G Cameroon vs Serbia 12:00
28-Nov H Portugal vs Uruguay 21:00
28-Nov H South Korea vs Ghana 15:00
29-Nov A Netherlands vs Qatar 17:00
29-Nov A Ecuador vs Senegal 17:00
29-Nov B Wales vs England 21:00
29-Nov B Iran vs United States 21:00
30-Nov C Poland vs Argentina 21:00
30-Nov C Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 21:00
30-Nov D Tunisia vs France 17:00
30-Nov D Australia vs Denmark 17:00
1-Dec E Japan vs Spain 21:00
1-Dec E Costa Rica vs Germany 21:00
1-Dec F Croatia vs Belgium 17:00
1-Dec F Canada vs Morocco 17:00
2-Dec G Cameroon vs Brazil 21:00
2-Dec G Serbia vs Switzerland 21:00
2-Dec H South Korea vs Portugal 17:00
2-Dec H Ghana vs Uruguay 17:00
Round of 16   4 x FTA (TBC)  
3-Dec   1A vs 2B 17:00
3-Dec   1C vs 2D 21:00
4-Dec   1D vs 2C 17:00
4-Dec   1B vs 2A 21:00
5-Dec   1E vs 2F 17:00
5-Dec   1G vs 2H 21:00
6-Dec   1F vs 2E 17:00
6-Dec   1H vs 2G 21:00
Quarter-final   2 x FTA (TBC)  
9-Dec   53 vs 54 17:00
9-Dec   49 vs 50 21:00
10-Dec   55 vs 56 17:00
10-Dec   51 vs 52 21:00
Semi-final   2 x FTA  
13-Dec   57 vs 58  
14-Dec   59 vs 60  
3rd and 4th Place   1 x FTA  
17-Dec   Loser 61 vs Loser 62 17:00
Final   1 X FTA  
18-Dec   Winner 61 vs Winner 62 17:00