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The Covenant

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Vengeance Central

Death, secrets, and old sins - Covenant Image : 16228
Adaora smiles again - Covenant Image : 16220
Adaora smiles again - CovenantAdaora finds out her daughter is pregnant and things get intense between her and Santiago. Nkechi is convinced MKI has a hand in Maria's death.
Switching alliances and consequences - Covenant Image : 16212
Switching alliances and consequences - CovenantO.T. Adewale tries to convince a stubborn Folarin to join forces with MKI. Were Wanle deals Ekong a fatal blow for molesting Talia and forcing her to spy on him.
Rage and confessions - Covenant Image : 16201
Rage and confessions - CovenantWhile AK faces confrontation over his jealous rage and Ata din din nurses his wounds, Iya Flexus makes shocking confessions on her sick bed.
There's a leak - Covenant Image : 16194
There's a leak - CovenantDuchess is trying to get to the bottom of a blackmail issue involving one of her clients while Talia's nagging troubles have steered her in another direction.
Business in progress - Covenant Image : 16187
Business in progress - CovenantWhile GJG is expanding into MKI's territory, new deals are being made and Werey Wanle is forging new alliances.
Adaora faces blackmail - Covenant Image : 16190
Adaora faces blackmail - CovenantIn order to protect her reputation and business, Adaora confronts Olorogun over a blackmail threat. GJG perfects his political ambition with his new proteges.
Brothers reunited - Covenant Image : 16175
Brothers reunited - CovenantAK reunites with his long-lost brother Kane Ijiakinde junior, who was believed to be dead. It wasn't the most pleasant of reunions and Junior would rather remain dead to the rest of the family.
The defiant AK - Covenant Image : 16172
The defiant AK - CovenantWhile MKI mulls over all he has lost, his son, AK remains defiant in the kidnappers' den and even goes on the goad his abductors.
MKI must step down - Covenant Image : 16165
MKI must step down - CovenantIn order to prevent the negative effects of MKI putting a hit out on his wife on the political party, he has been asked to step down as Governor of Lagos State and let his deputy continue. While his dad comes to terms with being ousted as Governor, the cracks in Adekunle's marriage are growing wider.
Adamant culprits - Covenant Image : 16167
Adamant culprits - CovenantDespite the torture, Santiago insists he played no role in Onome's death while MKI now has to contend with a paralysed NKI who is certain that he was behind her accident.
Mourning Onome - Covenant Image : 16161
Mourning Onome - CovenantWhile the Erhu family mourns the loss of their son, MKI finds out that his wife is trying to undermine him and decides to hatch a nefarious plan of his own.
Death, secrets, and old sins - Covenant