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Bara and Dag, Tina and Chief Kurokeme's adopted sons are forced into a partnership after finding out that their father's illicit gang was responsible for their mother's death. 

S1 | E197
06 April 19:30
'S1/E197'. Dag is forced to lie to Celestina despite hurting for her. Kofo hits a windfall. Chief convinces Shade to do ...


The means to an end – Brethren Image : 10762
To Brethren – Brethren Image : 10756
To Brethren – BrethrenBara and Dag join forces and budge into a secret meeting held in honour of the newest member of the founding fathers, the Police Commissioner
Let's be reasonable – Brethren Image : 10711
Let's be reasonable – BrethrenBara reveals Chief's involvement in the arms deal and confesses to having shot the MOP, the founding fathers insist that Chief be assassinated and Shade's cover is blown
Give us his head – Brethren Image : 10710
Give us his head – BrethrenMax asks after his mom and why she had to die right after Tina, Bara makes provisions to help Chief while the founding fathers want his head delivered on a platter as punishment for his transgressions
Chief is on the list – Brethren Image : 10673
Chief is on the list – BrethrenYet another sour encounter takes place between Chief and his sons; and Amaka is shut down after trying to negotiate for Max’s safety
There's no exchange – Brethren Image : 10598
There's no exchange – BrethrenKemi pulls a fast one on Shade, Cynthia finds Bara agony, Bassey tries to discipline his daughter and Dag mistakenly kills his bargaining prize
A better plan – Brethren Image : 10537
A better plan – BrethrenChief Dr assures his partners that his sons will be shut down, and Bara tries to convince Dag to leave town and think of a better plan to overthrow the founding fathers
Papa advocate – Brethren Image : 10519
Papa advocate – BrethrenBara finally lets his team in on the threats thrown to him by the founding fathers, Chief begs that Dag be thrown a bone given his current emotional state, and Chihuahua goes ballistic after a messenger uses her money
Poisoned – Brethren Image : 10512
Poisoned – BrethrenBara makes his presence at the SCU felt and dares anyone that has a problem to resign, and a poison attempt aimed at Dag ends goes wrong
This your small power – Brethren Image : 10498
This your small power – BrethrenDespite threats of long term imprisonment, Bara refuses to hand over the evidence, Amaka begs Bara to tell her what’s bothering him and Shade throws a slap at Kofo
Meeting with the founding fathers – Brethren Image : 10491
Meeting with the founding fathers – BrethrenKola tries to convince Dag to have him meet the founding fathers without Chihuahua's hastiness, Kinto negs Ire to forge him a school certificate, and Bara pulls a club prank
Can I see your phone? – Brethren Image : 10480
Can I see your phone? – BrethrenThe DP finally confronts Amira about her double-dealings, Joe demands to see Bassey's phone but he brushes it off and Dag demands an answer from their lawyer hostage
The means to an end – Brethren
Poster 320 x 480

Do you think Bara and Dag would have united if not for Tina's death?

I don't think so. They were too different58%
Tina would have made sure of it 32%
It's hard to tell. 10%


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My Flatmates

19:00 | 25 Jul
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10th Avenue

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Check Out

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