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About Riona

A wicked King. A village under siege. Strata. Class. And an Uprising. Rebellion looms as King Ofotokun does all he can to stop a dark prophesy from getting fulfilled. That a child born under the rising of the dark moon will take his life, but destiny is against him as Tsema and Aghan, two children born under the dark moon cross a complicated path on their way to fulfil the prophesy foretold.

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S1 | E260
24 September 21:00
'S1/E260 of 260'. The prophecy is fulfilled and there is a new dawn in Oyomere.
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Chess with the gods!

Who do you think will manage to kill Ogiame and fulfil the prophecy?

Agbeyegbe the god23%
One of his chiefs 6%
Aghan and Tsema66%
Edomi and Arubi5%

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