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It's a father vs. son war – Riona Image : 14423
Ogiame burns Ireale to the ground – Riona Image : 14422
Ogiame burns Ireale to the ground – RionaOfotokun commands his remaining warriors to burn Ireale down, Misan confesses to having killed Omereyon and Aghan leads an army against his father.
Ogiame reacts to Chief Omereyon's death – Riona Image : 14424
Ogiame reacts to Chief Omereyon's death – RionaAfter hearing of his dear friend, Omereyon's death, Ogiame marches to Ireale with the hope of finding answers
Towu is thrown into the stockade – Riona Image : 14359
Towu is thrown into the stockade – RionaTowu goes from prince to common criminal after being found guilty of Omawumi's murder, and Ogiame breaks Abiyere's heart by imprisoning her warrior lover and dubbing him useless.
Tsato is a mad man – Riona Image : 14304
Tsato is a mad man – RionaAfter being handled by a warrior and threatens away by Arenyeka, chief Omereyon sends one of the palace boys after Tsato
Amori gets a beatdown – Riona Image : 14237
Amori gets a beatdown – RionaTsato finds out about Edomi and Arubi's involvement in the rebellion against Ofotokun, and Amori gets totally knocked out by his sister's husband for running his mouth about his inlaw's late father.
Amori has become Ofotokun – Riona Image : 14180
Amori has become Ofotokun – RionaAtse warns Edomi to steer clear of current palace matters lest he loses his life, Atigbi forces Agbeyegbe to consider the human sacrifice so he can take up his true form, and for the first time in a while, Amori acts and speaks exactly like Ogiame.
Misan speaks of the king's killings – Riona Image : 12954
Misan speaks of the king's killings – RionaFearing nothing, not even death itself, Misan shouts outs truths of Amaju's death for all of Oyomere to hear and Chief Omereyon dares to put his hands on her.
No, this is what happened! – Riona Image : 12548
No, this is what happened! – RionaChief Omereyon rids himself of the stains of Towu's foolishness, and after trying to escape Oyomere with Atse, Misan finds out that he was the one that took Amaju's life.
Towu is a mad man – Riona Image : 12477
Towu is a mad man – RionaTowu drives a danger right through one of the warriors' chest after failing to lay him down during their fistfight.
Separate them, now! – Riona Image : 12450
Separate them, now! – RionaAmori displays his inability to control his anger after Aghan almost killed him, and while trying to undo the binding spell performed by Atigbi on his daughter, Ogiame almost kills her.
Mark my word, Arenyeka – Riona Image : 12426
Mark my word, Arenyeka – RionaDespite everything that has happened, Abiyere defends her father, Ogiame's honour, and Atigbi informs Arenyeka that Agbeyegbe will be the fall of Oyomere
Spellbound – Riona Image : 12384
Spellbound – RionaAtigbi gifts one of Ogiame's daughters a spell that binds her life to her husband's who was to be executed by the King, and Arenyeka lets Towu know that the stone will never help. Nothing will.
I, Towu will be king! – Riona Image : 12379
I, Towu will be king! – RionaMisan has a physical duel with Towu's mother after she called her a childless witch, Edomi finds out that Tsema is alive, and Towu gloats about his position of favour with Ogiame and makes Aghan feel as lowly as ashes.
"I'll reign forever!" – Riona Image : 12359
"I'll reign forever!" – RionaOgiame tries to use Arenyeka to communicate his wishes to rule forever and Aghan comes face to face with his father to beg him to spare the Ireale.
Now I am no one! – Riona Image : 12334
Now I am no one! – RionaTsema blames Aso for ruining her life and stripping her of her true identity, and Magin's plans to occupy the throne are thrown out his hut's window when his wife demands that he releases his prisoners.
Atigbi has the stone – Riona Image : 12313
Atigbi has the stone – RionaArenyeka lets Migan know that he's overstepped his boundaries, Misan cries after finding out that Ofotokun killed Amaju just to marry her, and Aghan questions his father's honour.
Oyomere is in shamebles! – Riona Image : 12290
Oyomere is in shamebles! – RionaIn paranoia, Ogiame accuses his wife of spying for Magin, and Agbeyegbe asks Atigbi to restore his powers but she refuses to budge.
Change befalls the Oyomere – Riona Image : 12268
Change befalls the Oyomere – RionaEdonmi and Agbeyegbe are round-up by the recently liberated Ireale who later witness the stone's power, and Ogiame is caught between a spear and a rock as he and Aghan run for their safety.
Not fit a king! – Riona Image : 12249
Not fit a king! – RionaTsato is told to shove his threats where the sun doesn't shine, and after promising to assist Towu to ascend the throne, Chief Omereyon finds alliances in the other council members
Death will be my portion! – Riona Image : 12229
Death will be my portion! – RionaAfter drifting into the spiritual realm in order to assess the danger that awaits him, Etomi discovers that the mission is heavier than his arms can carry and should he continue, he will die!
Ambushing the king – Riona Image : 12207
Ambushing the king – RionaPrincess Abiyere fails while trying to lure the warrior she fancies into her most private chambers, and a praise dancer makes an attempt at Ogiame's life but Aghan quickly steps in
Kill the witch! – Riona Image : 12183
Kill the witch! – RionaAfter finding out from Towu that Aghan hid the witch's prophecy from him, Ogiame instructs his direct heir to kill Arenyeka.
Where's your prince now? – Riona Image : 12163
Where's your prince now? – RionaAgbeyegbe is tied to the hedge and caned for his relationship with the Prince, Jolomi finds out that he fathers his ex wife's child, and Aso tells Atse to look within for the answers he seeks
It's a father vs. son war – Riona

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