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MKI, the man, the monster - Covenant

18 November 2022
Not many evoke evil like Mr. Kane Ijimakinde.
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They say power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What happens when power meets an absolutely corrupt and power-hungry person? You can expect the worst! MKI fits this definition perfectly, and even though he doesn't have absolute power yet, he has shown that there is no limit to the evil he can wreak with the power he has.

Kane Ijimakinde is the Governor of Lagos State and a man with many faces. He is a business mogul, a family man, and a politician. His charismatic character hides a dangerous, wicked, and power-hungry layer underneath.

We got introduced to this man as a governor seeking to make better the plight of his citizens. He almost had us fooled, but it didn't take long for his true nature to be revealed. His trip to visit his constituents didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped when a youth leader caused a scene by staging a protest. Although MKI felt humiliated by the stunt, he stayed and even invited the youth leader to his office to discuss plans on addressing the plight of the youth.

Turns out, MKI had no intentions of addressing any issues whatsoever. He just wanted to teach the young man a lesson. Upon his visit, the youth leader was ushered into a dungeon where MKI subsequently tortured and killed him. In that moment, we realised just how much he loathes opposition of any kind.

Watch MKI reveal his true nature


Terrible father and husband

For MKI, not even his family is exempt from his terror-inducing ways. His wife Nkechi wanted to become a senator and despite MKI's objections, she still went ahead to set the process in motion. This didn't sit well with MKI who had other plans. In a bid to stop her, he plotted to have her killed in a car accident. Fortunately for her, she survived the accident, but she lost her legs. That wasn't all! MKI always had a thing for women, but we never thought he'd take it this far. He is currently engaged in an illicit affair with his son's wife and recently got her pregnant...for the second time.

Watch MKI attempt to murder his wife

Shady dealings

Not only did he collect kickbacks from every money-generating scheme in the state, his chokehold over every facet of government contracts was so strong that the present governor had to employ drastic measures to attempt a takeover. MKI also headed up a money laundering ring that cut across several businesses. As if that wasn't enough, he even facilitated the dumping of toxic materials, in a deal brokered by his son. Turns out evil does run in the family.

Watch MKI's shady dealings

We do not want to completely write him off as evil personified, but MKI is giving us very little to work with here. What do you think though? Is there some good in this man? Can he be saved, or is he beyond redemption? Is he going to realise the evil in his ways, or will it be too late? Too tough to call? No worries, we will just wait to find out what becomes of him on Covenant every weekday on AM Showcase CH 151 at 20:00 WAT.