Battle lines are drawn in The River this November

Local 09 November 2021

Detective Tshabalala’s arrival at Dikana home causes drama & the Mokoenas go to war, this November in The River.

Battle lines are drawn in The River this November

Whether it's loved ones clashing after a friend unexpectedly moves into their home, or another family going to war – with one of their own fighting for his life in hospital – there’s divine drama this November in 1Magic’s (DStv channel 103) weekday telenovela The River.

The Mokoenas and the Dikanas are at daggers drawn this month, and things within the families are set to worsen before a glimmer of light breaks through the storm clouds.

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Detective Tshabalala overstays his welcome

The Dikana mansion is so extravagant and spacious that it looks like a luxury 5-star hotel out of a travel magazine – and the family’s loved ones treat it as such. They check in and out of the home as if it’s a Bed & Breakfast, which upsets mine mogul Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana (Sindi Dlathu).

She’s ready to blow a fuse at the start of November when her husband Zweli’s (Hlomla Dandala) colleague Detective Tshabalala (Boitumelo Shisana) moves into the Dikana home after his wife throws him out for cheating.

Tshabalala’s issues spill over into Zweli and Lindiwe’s marriage and they begin to clash, and even their son Andile (Lunga Mofokeng) wants Tshabalala gone! To ease the situation, Zweli encourages Tshabalala to face his problems head-on and seek his wife’s forgiveness.


Andile in trouble?

Andile goes from trying to kick Tshabalala out of his home to dealing with an enigma this November. He receives an unexpected parcel, which leaves him rattled. Andile’s anxiety heightens when an old enemy stalks him.

And when the stalker makes impossible demands, Andile’s family will come together to rescue him from danger.

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The blame game 

The Mokeonas can never catch a break. There’s always a hurdle to overcome for miner Cobra (Presley Chweneyagae) and his family. This November Cobra’s toddler son Keitumetse (Tye and Tyler Ngwane) is fighting for his life when the month begins.

This comes after Keitumetse fell and almost drowned in a bathtub in late October. The family is hopeful that his state will improve but Keitumetse suffers a seizure, leading to endless arguments between the Mokoenas.

The family points fingers at each other – and who better to blame for Keitumetse’s state than Cobra’s aunt Kedibone (Tsholo Matshaba), as she was babysitting the toddler when the incident took place?

Emotions and tensions run high, and Cobra’s babymama Angelina (Nokuthula Ledwaba) declares war against Kedibone. Angelina accuses Kedibone of trying to kill her son – even though the accusations are unwarranted.

The battle lines are drawn between Angelina and Kedibone and there’s nothing that anyone can do to resolve the matter. Feeling attacked and ostracised by her family, Kedibone is left with no other option than to move out of the Mokoena house. At this point, the only miracle that could bring the estranged family together is if Keitumetse recovers and returns home…

Hidden motives 

Refilwe residents receive exciting news from their boss Lindiwe, who promises to improve their lives following their strike. But after her meeting with one of the miners at the helm of the strike, Mohumi (Seputla Sebogodi), Cobra and his friends grow suspicious of Mohumi’s intentions.

Mohumi is no longer interested in ensuring that the workers and the community receive houses, but he wants a stake in the mine. With the community onto Mohumi’s plot, they’re set to throw a spanner in his works.

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