The worst things Lindiwe has done so far on The River

On your Screen 01 January 2021

Lindiwe Dikana has lied, stolen and murdered her way to the top – will she get what she deserves?

The worst things Lindiwe has done so far on The River

Watch the latest episodes of The River on Showmax to find out.

Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana has been a fan favourite since the first episode of the Mzansi Magic production, The River. The character, played by SAFTA winning actress Sindi Dlathu (who’s been on television screens for more than 20 years), always leaves viewers in awe. They love to hate her.

In the last few years, Lindiwe, who often refers to herself as Madlabantu, has done some really evil things. She’s lied, killed and done just about every bad thing that you can think of. We’re going to take a look at some of the moments that have left us shocked and in disbelief.

Thato Mokoena’s murder

The premiere episode of The River, now streaming on Showmax, kicked off with a bang! Tumi’s father, Thato Mokoena, discovered a diamond in the river. Because he was an honest man with good intentions, he took it to Lindiwe, who was his boss. But she had other plans in mind and didn’t want to share any of the wealth with her employees and the community of Refilwe.

She asked Thato to show her where he had discovered the diamond and he took her and Zolani to the river. That is where she decided to kill him. She showed no mercy and was determined to gain full control of this big diamond.

Happy’s life cut short

Do you remember Happy, who was Flora’s only son? After Thato’s murder, Happy discovered that Linidwe had something to do with it. He blackmailed her and made all kinds of ridiculous demands.

Of course, she wasn’t about to let a young man ruin her plans and the only way to handle the situation was to kill him. And that’s exactly what happened. It’s quite sad how even Flora’s loyalty couldn’t stop Lindiwe from breaking Flora’s heart forever. Imagine losing a child who has his whole life ahead of him.

Tumi buried alive

We really got to see just how evil Lindiwe is just at the beginning of the telenovela. As you might have seen on the show, the businesswoman will do anything to get what she wants. The opening scene showed Tumi screaming and begging Lindiwe to spare her life. Madlabantu was driving a tractor at the mine and went straight after Tumi, who was trapped in a big hole. She buried her alive without even looking back. This was, of course, before she found out that Tumi was her biological daughter.

Gail permanently removed

The River Wedding

If there’s one thing you should know about the universe it’s that you get what you put out there! Lindiwe’s crimes and lies finally caught up with her when the truth came out. She was arrested and went to court but fortunately for her, she was found not guilty. Although she managed to get away with murder, she lost her entire family and was forced to move to Refilwe.

Zweli wanted nothing to do with her and he moved on with his life. He met a woman named Gail and they quickly fell in love. He even proposed to her and they eventually got married.

But their wedding day turned into a nightmare after men came in with guns and wanted to get what was due to them. They thought Gail was behind the shady diamond deal, but it was all Lindiwe’s plan. She wanted to get rid of the new Mrs Dikana and achieved exactly that. 

She shot and killed Gail while everyone else in the house was focused on the gunmen. And just like that, she wormed her way back into Zweli’s heart.

What will Lindiwe do next? Watch the latest episodes of The River on Showmax, straight after they air on 1Magic.

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