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Villain takedown moments – #BestOf2022 Image : 16235
Awww moments on Africa Magic – #BestOf2022 Image : 16236
Awww moments on Africa Magic – #BestOf2022From Kanso and Yolaine from Dilemma to Ezinne and Tobias from Eve, they, along with many others, gave us romantic moments that had us in our feels all year long.
The final vengeance – Venge Image : 16086
The final vengeance – VengeMama K's girls finally get the best of her. Bibi and Sosa made her pay in blood for all the crimes she committed, but it came at a price. Kamara also pays for his sin.
Enemies within – Venge Image : 16014
Enemies within – VengeA careless mistake reveals that Mama K has saboteurs in her camp and she's on a hunt to catch them all.
Bibi versus Mama K – Venge Image : 15923
Bibi versus Mama K – VengeWith vengeance on both their minds, Bibi and Mama K meet for a final showdown, but there was an August visitor.
Bibi's big escape – Venge Image : 15872
Bibi's big escape – VengeOnce again, Bibi escapes death as Yemi comes to her rescue. Having cleared that up, she proceeds to hand over every document that can be used to permanently nail Mama K.
Kamara kills Timi – Venge Image : 15838
Kamara kills Timi – VengeTimi's attempt to talk Kamara out of killing Bibi cost him his life as he ended up getting shot in the process.
A slit to the throat – Venge Image : 15688
A slit to the throat – VengeAs the police hound Mama K to locate Chief Owolabi, she decides to take the most gruesome possible measure.
Cracks in the wall – Venge Image : 15595
Cracks in the wall – VengeWith Mama K on a rampage, the cracks are beginning to show. Loyalty is being questioned and dark secrets are being revealed.
Pain and wails – Venge Image : 15479
Pain and wails – VengeWhile Owolabi is undergoing torture, Kamara's family has been held hostage by unknown gunmen. William is back on his revenge quest after finding out Estelle was only recently murdered.
Mama K's goons strike hard – Venge Image : 15457
Mama K's goons strike hard – VengeNot only did they find Estelle, but Mama K's goons also captured Chief Owolabi.
Bloody showdown – Venge Image : 15399
Bloody showdown – VengeWhile Kachi is made to suffer the consequences of betraying Mama K, William takes the battle of supremacy to Chief Owolabi's abode, resulting in a bloody showdown.
Villain takedown moments – #BestOf2022