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Cuffs and a hit – Venge Image : 15187
A break, a bust, and an accident – Venge Image : 15152
A break, a bust, and an accident – VengeTimi gets a break in his plan to bring down his partners, Bibi gets caught, and Angela gets into a car accident.
Saving William's life – Venge Image : 15128
Saving William's life – VengeAgainst their will, Kamara and Timi have been threatened to corroborate William's story in order to save his life. Angela on the other hand has to fend off a lovestruck client.
Old faces and old wounds – Venge Image : 15124
Old faces and old wounds – VengeAllison is reinstated into the police force to Halima's surprise, and Bibi opens old wounds as she exacts her revenge.
Bibi mourns her dad – Venge Image : 15071
Bibi mourns her dad – VengeIn a moment of vulnerability, Bibi mourns her losses while Yemi plans a sit-down with Pastor to discuss Mama K's terms.
Mama K's threat – Venge Image : 15033
Mama K's threat – VengeAfter finding out Timi is responsible for her daughter's pregnancy, she threatens him not to play games with her. Also, William has found Bibi's new location.
William needs answers – Venge Image : 15010
William needs answers – VengeWilliam will go to any lengths to get Bibi even if it means hurting people along the way.
Zaak does it his own way – Venge Image : 14986
Zaak does it his own way – VengeHalima suggested taking Bibi to the police station instead of jail, but Zaak insists on incarcerating her straight away, while Yabura doesn't care what happens to the rest of the gang.
24 hours – Venge Image : 14947
24 hours – VengeAunty Belema was abducted, and in order to regain her freedom, Bibi must turn herself in within 24 hours, otherwise there will be dire consequences. At the same time, Aisha is trying to get out of detention and she is hoping a call to her dad might help.
William and Yemi meet – Venge Image : 14920
William and Yemi meet – VengeYemi, still nursing a grudge against William for the murder of Ugochi, sits down with him to let him know about the new prices for their products. A sit-down that soon turned to a faceoff.
Mending fences and a lucky escape – Venge Image : 14854
Mending fences and a lucky escape – VengeBibi attempts to mend the relationship between Angela and Mama K, while Susan escapes death's clutches by a hair's breadth.
A terrible delivery – Venge Image : 14828
A terrible delivery – VengeUgochi body parts have been delivered in a box and Timi has been abducted.
Cuffs and a hit – Venge