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About the show

The whole Lockdown gang are back and this reunion is all drama-o! Now's their chance to clear the air and express their real feelings towards each other. The show will be hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and will revisit some of the highlights and memorable moments from the Season 5 edition that saw Laycon emerge as a winner.

Daily Shows

S5 | E40
25 September 22:00
'S5/E40 - Daily Shows'. A recap of the memorable moments in the course of the week, as house mates continue their quest ...
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The Lockdown season that was Image : 11597
Love and fun in the Lockdown House Image : 11589
Love and fun in the Lockdown HouseEven though they started out as strangers, the Housemates eventually became friends and even lovers. During their time Biggie's House they gave us plenty of heart warming moments and more than enough laughs. Take a look at all of your favourites having fun and enjoying shipping while proving that season 5 of Big Brother Naija was the best one yet.
Fights in the Lockdown House Image : 11583
Fights in the Lockdown HouseBeing in a House with 19 other strangers can definitely take it’s toll on even the most calm or diplomatic person you know. Now imagine this in a House you cannot leave? Take a look at your faves as they expressed their frustrations in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown house.
Finale: Week 10 in Biggie's House Image : 11572
Finale: Week 10 in Biggie's HouseThe Big Brother Naija Housemates made the most of their last days in Biggie’s House and they celebrated their impending departure with wonderful wins and loads of fond reminiscing.
Live Show: Week 9 in Biggie's House Image : 11426
Live Show: Week 9 in Biggie's HouseWeek nine in Biggie's House saw gym sessions turn to chill sessions, a few mild altercations, and an entire session where Vee and Laycon guess what Evicted Housemates could be up to.
Live Show: Week 8 in Biggie's House Image : 11338
Live Show: Week 8 in Biggie's HouseWeek eight in Biggie’s House saw Housemates deal with post qualification and strike blues, reflecting on breaking Biggie’s rules and setting boundaries.
Live Show: Week seven in Biggie’s House Image : 11243
Live Show: Week seven in Biggie’s HouseErica was HoH for the second time this season and amongst some amazing Wins and creative Tasks there was no shortage of absolute drama with tempers flying and true colours showing.
Live Show: Week six in Biggie's House Image : 11140
Live Show: Week six in Biggie's HouseWeek six in Biggie’s House featured an Ozone reign with Ozo as HoH and Nengi as his Deputy Head of House. We’ve also seen the House ships experience smooth sailing while others had wahala enter their universe.
Live Show: Week five in Biggie's House Image : 11030
Live Show: Week five in Biggie's HouseWeek five in Biggie’s House featured three sponsored Tasks, an HoH who has secret missions with Biggie, Vee’s memorable birthday, and a poetry slam Wager Task.
Live Show: Week Four in Biggie's House Image : 10935
Live Show: Week Four in Biggie's HouseGuinness and Oppo kept our Big Brother Naija Housemates busy this week. There was also plenty wahala in between pretty much everyone: Erica, Wathoni, Lucy, Kaisha, Nengi and more, all featured in some or other confrontation.
Live Show: Week Three in Biggie's House Image : 10847
Live Show: Week Three in Biggie's HouseIn the past week the Big Brother Housemates had a jam packed time which included great performances during the Dulux and Flutterwave Tasks. Ozo celebrated his birthday in grand style and also managed to get into his first verbal argument. Things also got heated between Vee and Wathoni over the bed issue and the 'ships continued shipping along happily.
The Lockdown season that was


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