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More triangles? What to expect from the Lockdown ReunionWhile we await the most anticipated reunion on June 17, Ebuka gives us a sneak peek into what went down at the BBNaija Lockdown Reunion.
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BBNaija Lockdown Reunion Show Starts June 17
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Big Brother Naija S6 Audition FAQsDo you have questions about the Big Brother Naija auditions? We have all your answers right here.
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BBNaija Season 6: Open Auditions start May 3Following the Early Access Auditions in March, plans have now been concluded for an Open Audition call for Big Brother Naija Season 6 from Monday, May 3 till Sunday, May 16, 2021.
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Big Brother Naija: Lockdown VotesWith over 900 million votes cast this season, see the full weekly vote results here.
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Ebuka's season 5 table shaking moments — BBNaijaEveryone has a shady side; but when it comes to shattering tables and giving gbas gbos, only one person comes to mind: Big Brother Naija's Host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.
LOL with Lockdown Housemates —BBNaijaIt’s better to laugh about a problem than to cry about it. To help us all avoid the tears that started flowing when Big Brother Naija Lockdown came to a close, here are a few of the times the Housemates had us laughing out loud.
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What they promised and what they delivered — BBNaijaAfter an entertaining BBNaija Lockdown season, we find out if some of the Housemates kept to their words about what they promised to deliver once they got into the House and their strategies.
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We love this content by our fans — BBNaija Besides giving us so many moments we will never forget, Big Brother Naija Lockdown also gifted us with something else priceless, all of your hilarious inputs. Join us for a look at the contributions that made watching Big Brother on social media as much fun as watching it on screen.
Laycon wins Big Brother
Top moments from season 5 finale — BBNaijaThe Big Brother Lockdown House has been a journey, to say the least, and last night it culminated in one last showdown courtesy of Big Brother.
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Finale: Laycon wins #BBNaija: Lockdown!It was an epic night as the winner of the Lockdown Season was crowned tonight.
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Day 70: The Finale DiaryWith the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Finale only a few hours away, the Top Five were called to the Diary Room to have their final chat with Biggie. This is a sip from the tea the Housemates spilt during their last chat.
What does tonight hold?
Day 70: What does tonight hold?What does tonight hold for the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Top 5 Housemates who leave Biggies House to join the real world in just a few hours? We are all wondering the same thing as we wait together for the final showdown.
Prince and Vee win Darling Hair Session
Day 70: Prince and Vee Win with DarlingThe Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates have been working their fingers through each other's hair throughout the season to culminate in a Win!
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Day 70: The last seven days in Biggie's HouseThe final week in the Big Brother House was one for the record books. Take a look at what Dorathy, Laycon, Nengi, Neo and Vee got up to in week ten.
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Day 70: A cold reception and a new revelationA few of the Housemates were upset about the reception they got from the ex Housemates while one learnt something new.
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Day 70: All white affairThe Ex Lockdown Geng and the final five met on the dancefloor for one final Saturday Night Party and it was lit.
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Day 69: ‘I liked Kiddwaya' – DorathyDorathy confessed that she liked Prince, Brighto, and Kiddwaya this season. Could you have guessed?
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Day 69: Famous quotes from the Lockdown gengFrom funny to completely ridiculous, these quotes made it to the Lockdown hall of slangs. Are you taking notes?
Kudos to the BBNaija fan!
Day 68: No fan like a BBNaija fan!The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates would never be where they are were it not for you, the fans.
Lovers and Friends
Day 69: Lovers and friendsThe Top 5 Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates spent an evening of fun and laughter, as lovers and friends.
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Day 69: An unlikely friendshipThe bond between Laycon and Vee is proof that the best friendships aren’t obvious, but they are always worth it.
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Day 68: A Praiz, DJ Neptune, and Alternate Sound partyFor the final Saturday Night Party The Big Brother Housemates are being treated to a triple threat party with Praiz, DJ Neptune, and Alternate Sound bringing their best bangers.
Moments to remember from the #BBNaija S5 Reunion
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