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Moments to remember from the #BBNaija S5 Reunion

15 July 2021
We bid farewell to our Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates by shining a spotlight on all the memorable moments from when they reunited on television one last time.
Lucy and Kaisha1

The Big Brother Naija Season 5 Reunion kicked off on Thursday 17 June, wrapping up on 2 July 2021. The Housemates came to clear the air – and clear the air they did! From triangles to octagons (you do the math), fallen friendships and everything in between, this Reunion was everything we never knew we needed.

Getting things moving

Episode 1 started off on a light note and saw the Housemates giving all of us an update of what they have been up to since they left Biggie’s House. Little did we know that as soon as Episode 2 aired, the drama would be unleashed in full force. Are we complaining? Not a chance!

Ready to rumble...

Here are the top six moments that had us glued to our screens:

Ozo, Dorathy and Nengi’s triangle explained:

Like all of us, Ebuka wondered why Dora was so pressed by Ozo and Nengi’s relationship if she and Ozo were “just friends”? In her defense, Dora said she didn’t mind the relationship but didn’t appreciate knowing the couples’ back and forth. She also didn’t understand why Ozo kept inserting himself in Nengi’s drama with Prince.

Nengi’s triangle:

It would seem after Prince had removed himself from the Nengi, Prince and Ozo equation, Kiddwaya felt it fitting to jump right in. Though we could see the chemistry between these two [Kidd and Nengi] they maintain they were and are just friends.

Prince, Dora, Nengi, Tbaj and Wathoni’s pentagon:

Just when we thought we were done with math, Prince wanted to top everyone with his “octagon” as Tolanibaj jokingly referred to the situation. In actual fact, it was a pentagon since it was a situation that involved five Housemates. Prince cleared the air saying he and Nengi were done when he was pursuing a relationship with Tbaj. He and Dora were friends, though she had openly confessed to liking him. Wathoni also had her eyes set on Mr. Nigeria. However, in the end she picked her friendship with Tbaj over being boo’d up with Prince.

When weaves fly

Then there was this moment between Lucy and Kaisha. 👀  All we're going to say regarding this situation is "whew!" 🍿

Dora and Brighto spill the tea:

Dora had us all clutching our pearls when she admitted she had an intimate moment with Brighto in the House, proceeding to own the revelation “with her full chest”. However, it would seem things weren’t so rosy the following morning between the two. Dora claims Brighto was cold towards her and acted like nothing had happened the previous night. For his part, Brighto didn’t have much to say about this. Well alright now.

Ka3na and Praise’s “aggressive cuddling”:

If you think you’ve heard it all then you’re wrong. “Aggressive cuddling” was the term for this Reunion. Turns out Praise and Ka3na also had an intimate moment that Ka3na will remember, but not for the best reasons. 👀  We’ll leave this one to your imagination. 😅

Telling it like it is

Kaisha vs Neo

Kaisha seems to think Neo had a thing for her and was playing a game with her and Vee, but Neo denies all of this. These two went off at each other and Neo ended up apologising for not liking Kaisha the way she thought he did.

Wrapping it up!

The Housemates closed off the Reunion by addressing life outside the Big Brother Naija House, particularly the influence of social media in their lives. Friendships fell through the cracks; Ka3na unfollowed almost everyone, Kaisha and Lucy threw hands, Prince voiced out his disappointment with Neo and we even got to see our first Reunion hug.

Hugging it out

There you have it! A Reunion that gave us everything we needed.

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