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Mutale Mwanza Unscripted
Zambezi Magic brings exciting viewing updates for TV lovers this May! Here is what you can look forward to from our world of entertainment this month.
Zuba: Shocking endings and uncertain beginnings – Zambezi Magic Here's how the final episode of Zuba Season 7 left us with our jaws on the floor.
Love back Zambia
Love Back Zambia: Would you give them love back? – Zambezi Magic Show us how hard or easy it would be for you to forgive your ex!
Royal Qlique S1
Get to know the Royal Qlique! – OneZedMake way because the Royal Qlique has entered the building.
Why so excited about Makofi
Reasons why we love Makofi – OneZedMakofi season one taught us many lessons about the realities of the boxing world and now, new lessons await in season 2.
International Women’s Day: Words of inspiration to all women from the ladies of Ifipempula – Zambezi MagicThis International Women's Day, let's look at some of the Zambezi Magic women who are inspiring us on and off screen.
Mpali: Tragedy at Nguzu's Matebeto - Zambezi Magic Here's how season six of the Mpali drama ended with some unfortunate events.
Pastor Wants A Wife S1
Get to know the bachelor of the moment, Pastor Jeff – Pastor Wants a WifeAs the ladies get to know more about Pastor Jeff, here's what we've learned about the man of God.
The best Valentine’s Day in pictures – OneZedYou have never enjoyed Valentine’s Day if you didn’t enjoy it like Shupiwe did!
Love triangles, or second-generation polygamy? – MpaliNguzu’s ‘sons’ are picking up more than farming from their father.
Zuba: Grim revelations and undesirable events at Charles' funeral – Zambezi MagicHere are some crazy realities the Sosala family had to deal with during Charles' funeral.
love back zambia, k'chinga
Loveback Zambia: A Heartfelt Journey to Rekindle Lost Love on Reality TVIn a captivating blend of emotions and entertainment, Loveback Zambia, a thrilling reality TV show, is set to make its debut on Sunday, January 28.
Albert gets angry - Ten Tamanga Street Image : 3777
Drama Unfolds on Ten Tamanga Street: A look into the Last Episode Before the Break.As we (fans) eagerly await the return of Ten Tamanga Street on January 8th, the last episode left us on the edge of our seats with a cascade of unexpected events.
Amooye S3 Cast
Here’s the cast of Amooye season three! – OneZedAs the Amooye drama unfolds, some of you have been wondering who is who?
Security Guard S6 article  cover with cast members
Security Guard S6 Promises a Riot of Madness and MayhemAs Security Guard Season 6 kicks off, get ready for a wild ride through a madhouse filled with a vibrant mix of old and new characters, each vying to outdo the others in the realm of madness.
successful zambia family, successful zambia family christamas portrait
A Riveting Saga of Power, Love, and Intrigue – Zuba Season 7We follow this enthralling narrative that weaves together the rich and powerful Sosala and Jere families in a gripping tale of secrets, vendettas, and the fragile future of the Zulu-Sosala empire.
zambian podcasters k-plus and fostina on uliche background, zambian nightlife
Uli Che: Unveiling Zambia's Pulse with Fostina and K-PlusDive into the vibrant heartbeat of Zambian lifestyle and the showbiz scene with the dynamic hosts of Uli Che! Fostina aka Nina Simms and K-Plus aka The PodFather, give you a front seat to enjoy the trends, the glitz, and the pop culture dominating the streets of Zambia.
onezed january  showcase bb of zambezi tier down content
Embrace the Excitement with OneZed's Unmissable Lineup for January! January on OneZed promises a thrilling ride with a lineup that caters to all tastes.
zambia queens
Royal Qlique S2 has been A Reign of Change!Unveiling the New Royals and Transformative Journeys in Royal Qlique's Riveting second Season.
namibia movies billboard, MTF movies billboard
The Zambezi Magic Movie Festival is here!Enthralling African Tales Unfold on the Zambezi Magic Movie Festival this December!
gotv stream kenya launch faq
GOtv Stream App: Frequently Asked QuestionsFind out all you need to know about GOtv Stream.
gotv stream kenya launch
GOtv Stream App: Your favourite shows now on the goAdventure, drama, laughter ... get ready to stream, anywhere, anytime with GOtv Stream
Zuba Season 6
Zuba Season 6 comes to OneZedOne of Zambia’s most adored telenovela is back for Season 6 on OneZed.
M-Nation, Mutale Mwanza Unscripted is back on Zambezi Magic!