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28 June 2024
What could have been a simple process of tradition has become more than Bukata and the Senkulos can handle.

The second season of Chokolo began with all the Senkulos finding themselves in the hospital lobby, each for different reasons. The events that followed have everyone questioning their existence and what the future holds for the family which always seems to attract some sort of bad luck.   

Without further ado, read on to see what fate has in store for some of the key members of the Senkulo family.   

Bukata's fate  

Life could not get any worse for Bukata, who now seems to attract the death of every man who falls in love with her. We saw Sammy's life flash before Bukata's eyes, sending her into a frenzy of disbelief that the father of her child was no more, thanks to Raymond, the man she had chosen for her second chance at love. Life has returned her to the path of Chokolo, but she must first be purified before she can remarry. Do you think she will finally find another true love and peace in her life?   

Michael and Mwaza's fate  

After Michael discovered the truth about Pezo's false pregnancy, he broke off his relationship with her, sending her into a spiral of confusion and unacceptance. Meanwhile, Michael's affection for Bukata has grown, and he can't stay away from her as he tries to make sense of the traumatic events she witnessed. Happiness, however, seems out of reach as he has suddenly developed a mysterious illness that may have something to do with the supposed curse on Bukata and everyone around her. As he continues to pursue Bukata, can you see him staying alive long enough to flee with Bukata?  

Mafinda and Pezo's fate  

When Mafinda and Pezo learned that their farm had burned down and that their daughters had been involved in a fatal car accident, all they could do was hold on to what little love remained in their marriage and hope for good news about their daughters. They never imagined that the day would come when they would have to bury their own children. Pezo could not bury her daughters in peace when Mafinda's secret daughters suddenly stormed the funeral and caused a scene. Pezo has decided to divorce Mafinda unless he gets rid of these "strangers". We can only wait and see if Mafinda has the courage to send his secret daughters away. 

Kelvin's fate  

No one was prepared for the shocking revelations about Kelvin's true father. Solomon has arrived to claim one of the Senkulo brothers, Nelson, as his own. Despite Kelvin's mother's insistence that the claim is untrue, the news has sent him into a tailspin of confusion, eventually leading him to take a DNA test. Musenge could not bear to have the truth about her past revealed, so she bribed the doctor to give Kelvin and Solomon, who was eager to prove himself, inaccurate results. We can only watch and see if the truth about Kelvin's father will remain hidden forever.   

Raymond's fate  

After leaving Sammy to die, Raymond fled to his long-time friend Mama Delphine, known as Mama D, for refuge and safety. Interestingly, the only way he was able to gain her trust was by offering her a staggering amount of money. Now that everyone knows that he is responsible for Andrew's death and is on the run, he vows never to let the Senkulo family rest. Do you think Raymond will ever give up?    

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Banji's fate  

Banji's love life has been in jeopardy since he found out he was having a baby with Diana, a woman his mother does not like.  He is now stuck between a rock and a hard place as he faces a big decision: stay with the mother of his unborn child or leave her and become the CEO of the Senkulo business empire. We remain curious to see what, or who, he will prioritise.   

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