Mpali: Tragedy at Nguzu's Matebeto - Zambezi Magic

04 March 2024
Here's how season six of the Mpali drama ended with some unfortunate events.

It was a tense moment when Mwiza instigated a thanksgiving party for Nguzu, but all the women in the house eventually joined forces to throw a near-perfect Matebeto.

In the run-up to the grand finale, we had been following the turbulent forces that tend to take over Nguzu's polygamous household from Monday to Friday at 20:30 here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5, but nothing could have prepared us for one of the biggest tragedies we have ever seen in Mpali.

Each wife had prepared several pots of delicacies to present to their loving husbands after a mesmerising dance performance. This was their moment to shine and show the crowd why they fell in love with Shadreck Nguzu.

As you may have heard the African proverb, " When the drum beats too loudly, it is about to crack", these words rang true for Nguzu's Matebeto. While everyone was dancing the night away, the drum cracked as unknown masked men entered and kidnapped Bupe, Lindiwe's daughter. As Frank tried to stop the kidnapping, shots were fired, sending the partygoers into a panic and leaving Mai Guru and Chellah with potentially fatal wounds.

Click below to see how events unfold.

The main question that lies ahead is this: how will these shocking events shape the future of the Nguzu household? Will they finally discover the truth behind the attack at the party?

Enjoy these few poll questions and let us know what you think:

Mpali Finale Poll 1

If Hambe finds out that Chola is one of the people behind the attack on his mother, will he ever forgive her?

Yes, of course. Hambe will fall in love with Chola again. 33%
Definitely not. Blood is thicker than water.67%
Mpali Finale Poll 2

After Tamara's grand entrance at the Matebeto, do you think she will change her ways and her love for Nguzu will grow again?

Yes. Tamara loves and appreciates Nguzu and everything he has done for her.33%
No. Tamara is in love with the younger Shaddy and will pursue a relationship with him. 67%
Mpali Finale Poll 3

If Chela survives, will her relationship with Chipego grow stronger?

Yes. They will realise how much they are more like sisters.33%
No. Their tension will increase because of their love for Jairos. 67%
Mpali Finale Poll 4

After receiving the terrible news of Monica's death, what will Shadreck do next?

He will take some time alone to mourn Monica's death.83%
He will move on quickly now that he is in love with Tamara.17%


With the new season in full swing, we are all looking forward to seeing how the fan-favourite drama unfolds.

Be sure to tune in to Mpali every Monday to Friday at 20:30, here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.