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A Very Dull Man – Spoiler

Spoiler's father is all shades of dull as he can't understand why another man is in his house with his woman, while he is away at work
A Very Dull Man – Spoiler Image : 1900

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Bed bugs, worms, leaches in this house! – Spoiler Image : 2223
007 – Spoiler Image : 2211
007 – SpoilerBen and Tubby are captured by a band of criminals, and just as they are about to meet their Maker, Spoiler's quick wits dramatically save the day
Business and pleasure – Spoiler Image : 2202
Business and pleasure – SpoilerWhen Spoiler is tasked with helping Tubby 'grow up', he uses the oldest tactic in the book - the lure of a woman - to bait Tubby into maturity
The Court of Spoiler – Spoiler Image : 2197
The Court of Spoiler – SpoilerSmall claims and domestic disputes are presided over by Magistrate Spoiler, who sentences the guilty to cruel and unusual punishments
Magistrate Spoiler – Spoiler Image : 2190
Magistrate Spoiler – SpoilerMagistrate Spoiler presides over the case of the stolen chicken and other bizarre cases
Final results – Spoiler Image : 2183
Final results – SpoilerSpoiler and Ben flunk their exams and decide to lie that they passed, however when the truth inevitably comes out, it's fight or flight for Spoiler
Cholera Outbreak: Bogade S1E7 – One Zed Tv Image : 2176
Bombastic – SpoilerMr Ntambo the 'genius politician' launches a campaign based on combining western culture and witchcraft, and has Spoiler worried that if the people follow him they will become 'lost'
Equalizer – Spoiler Image : 2165
Equalizer – SpoilerSpoiler catches wind of the fact that Mr Njongijo and Lizzie are having an affair, he gets involved and ends the relationship dead in its tracks
Women are for loving – Spoiler Image : 2149
Women are for loving – SpoilerSpoiler's two uncles who are also renowned boxers arrive from Lusaka and ruffle his feathers causing him to quickly hatch a wicked plan to subdue his opponents
Mr Steal Your Girl – Spoiler Image : 2138
Mr Steal Your Girl – SpoilerSpoiler comes up with a cunning plan to get Susie's man out of the way and win her for himself
Return to sender – Spoiler Image : 2129
Return to sender – SpoilerSpoiler's uncle concotes a wicked plan to fulfill his vendetta against Spoiler, but when Spoilers mother enlists some help of her own, the plan backfires with devastating effect
Pastor Spoiler - Spoiler Image : 2120
Pastor Spoiler - SpoilerSpoiler has to quickly come up with a plan to stop his dad from sending him to a seminary to become a priest!
How Gloria and Manas met  — OPW Zambia Image : 2113
The wedding interview - SpoilerA whole host of crazy characters arrive to be interviewed in the hopes of winning a young lady's hand in marriage
Don't mess with Mr Ntambo - Spoiler Image : 2103
Don't mess with Mr Ntambo - SpoilerLongwe finds himself in hot soup after helping himself to Ntambo's belongings
Between love and religion – Spoiler Image : 2091
Between love and religion – SpoilerSpoiler does the most by converting to a new religion just to keep his girl but trials and tribulations keep her at bay
Double the trouble – Spoiler Image : 2080
Double the trouble – SpoilerFrom races all the way down to hair cuts, the new twins on the block scam their way through town and end up at the police station dealing with a paternity case
Rest in pieces – Spoiler Image : 2072
Rest in pieces – SpoilerSpoiler's uncle recruits Spencer and has him plotting to kill Spoiler by drugging his drink and drowning him
Pebbles for cash – Spoiler Image : 2065
Pebbles for cash – SpoilerThe boys go on a money-making rampage and dig it big with an unsuspecting man at the park by selling his simple stones for a whopping 20k
Marriage Trap – Spoiler Image : 2053
Marriage Trap – SpoilerSpoiler finds himself caught at the receiving end of a marriage trap ,out of which Suzie's devotion may be his only way out!
Wingman – Spoiler Image : 2044
Wingman – SpoilerFrom the ladies to a new job as watchman, Ntambo relies on Spoiler to guide him...towards inevitable disaster
Scary Uncle – Spoiler Image : 2039
Scary Uncle – SpoilerSpoiler must come to terms with a different type of malice in the form of his wicked uncle
World's Worst Baby – Spoiler Image : 2032
World's Worst Baby – SpoilerNobody has been able to discipline Tubby, not until Spoiler that is
Boyfriend – Spoiler Image : 2023
Boyfriend – SpoilerNo-one is exempt from Spoiler's wrathful retaliation, not even his new girlfriend
Party Stopper – Spoiler Image : 2015
Party Stopper – SpoilerSpoiler makes sure the party ends in an explosive way
Bed bugs, worms, leaches in this house! – Spoiler

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