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Love on an empty stomach – Tuvwange Image : 3365
The self-love track – Royal Qlique Image : 3364
The self-love track – Royal QliqueBombshell gets ready for an important radio interview to talk about her song on teenage pregnancy. Meanwhile at the rap star’s house, the ladies call out Mainga for the mountain of food in his plate.
Out in the wild – My Top Five Image : 3360
Out in the wild – My Top FiveKekero and Mumba Yachi bond in the wild as they enjoy a game drive and some interacting with the king of the jungle before they hit the stage to perform each other’s songs.
Toxic situations – Royal Qlique Image : 3354
Toxic situations – Royal QliqueIvanka Bianca is not welcomed into Mercy’s house and chaos ensues at her doorstep. Mercy takes the girls out to her new farm and they are met with a nasty surprise
Behind the scenes – King Bugar Image : 3016
Behind the scenes – King BugarMacky 2 is joined by Izrael behind the scenes of a video shoot for their song titled, ’You Can Never Know’. In true honor of soft life, Hantinga and her friends take a trip to Chaminuka for a girls’ outing.
The mini talent show – King Bugar Image : 3011
The mini talent show – King BugarMacky 2 spends some time bonding with his little princess and plans orphanage visit with B’Flow. They donate groceries and spend time entertaining and playing with the children in the home.
Time for some mental hygiene – King Bugar Image : 3008
Time for some mental hygiene – King BugarMacky 2 pays a visit to a rehabilitation center to talk about his mental health with some psychologists. He opens up about feeling depressed at times and receives professional advice.
Meet Bugar and crew – King Bugar Image : 2988
Meet Bugar and crew – King BugarWe get up close and personal with Macky 2 as he lets us into his day-to-day activities and love life. Mack steps outside the box and surprises his wife, Hatinga with a breakfast in bed before taking care of some official business.
Coming of age – Wanilata Image : 2976
Coming of age – WanilataLovan surprises Ludo, his long-time friend and crush. Now that they have reached their thirties, Lovan wants to take their relationship to the next level.
Every goal has a goalie – Wanilata Image : 2964
Every goal has a goalie – WanilataChilala tries his best to sweep Yolanda off her feet but she turns out to be already taken and wishes he has taken that into consideration.
“I’ve been loving you” – Wanilata Image : 2960
“I’ve been loving you” – WanilataThe crushee, Christabel is surprised by the face she sits across her crusher. Will our singleton eventually make it to her heart with all the love he has for her?
The “M” word – Tuvwange Image : 2959
The “M” word – TuvwangeTwo men anonymously share their first experiences getting to know their bodies. The ladies join and discuss self-pleasure in different contexts.
The “Dream-seller” – Wanilata Image : 2952
The “Dream-seller” – WanilataTepwanji is going after his crush Olivia and he’s not leaving any room for disappointment or rejection. He put her on the spotlight and she is willing to give the relationship a shot!
No appetite left – Wanilata Image : 2954
No appetite left – WanilataJayral, a musician and businessman had a hard time wooing his crush Melody during their date. Melody lost her appetite and she is not ready to pursue a relationship with her crusher.
Succeeding in “everyone’s” world – Tuvwange Image : 2949
Succeeding in “everyone’s” world – TuvwangeThe ladies discuss gender differences and how women can claim their space in the world. Special guest, Nomathemba Tembo shares her take on the women’s movement and how she is challenging gender stereotypes in her areas of influence.
Hero films: Ellen Banda-Aaku – Zambezi Magic Image : 2947
Hero films: Ellen Banda-Aaku – Zambezi MagicEllen Banda-Aaku is a talented Zambian writer. She has written on many of our Zambezi Magic faves such as Mungoma. She’s dedicated to taking viewers and readers into a different dimension.
Hero films: Frank Sibukku – Zambezi Magic Image : 2946
Hero films: Frank Sibukku – Zambezi MagicFrank Sibukku is a multifaceted producer and creative behind stories such as the fan favourite Mpali. He continues to let his imagination run wild to stay connected to the audience.
Hero films: Jones Nasilele – Zambezi Magic Image : 2945
Hero films: Jones Nasilele – Zambezi MagicJones is a film and technical director who makes sure the words on the pages turn into actions on the screen. He plans to continue implementing a holistic approach when he works on creative films and shows such as Amooye, Ubuntu and Zuba.
Hero films: Nancy Handabile – Zambezi Magic Image : 2944
Hero films: Nancy Handabile – Zambezi MagicNancy a dynamic producer who has had the amazing opportunity to work on shows such as Zuba, supervising every stage until the story is been delivered.
"Don’t choke” – Wanilata Image : 2939
"Don’t choke” – WanilataTaonga, who has been single for more than a year is ready to take the plunge into something new and lucky for her, her crush was happy to find out she liked him.
Only in Lusaka – Wanilata Image : 2935
Only in Lusaka – WanilataTeresa was more than ready to meet the person who has been crushing on her. She was shocked to see Brian sitting across the table asking her, “Wanilata?”
Blind date goals – Tuvwange Image : 2934
Blind date goals – TuvwangeMr Wood and his lovely wife share their sweet story about how they met and immediately connected over a blind date.
A crush in a rush – Wanilata Image : 2930
A crush in a rush – WanilataMadrin anxiously shot her shot to Joseph who was relieved to be on a date with her. Unfortunately, he was rushing somewhere and not prepared to take their friendship to the next level despite having feelings for her.
Surprise, surprise! – Wanilata Image : 2925
Surprise, surprise! – WanilataKaluba goes through an awkward and silent start to shooting her shot but Steven her crush slowly warms up to her and accepts her proposal.
Love on an empty stomach – Tuvwange