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Family bonds are threatened – Forbidden
Yes to the wedding – Forbidden
Yes to the wedding – ForbiddenEboh assures Demilade that he can have his wedding regardless of the craze, Busola is broken out of captivity but meets her death and the wedding finally takes place
Timi the Titan – Forbidden
Timi the Titan – ForbiddenDesola demands the Dorego brothers' heads on a platter and Chinalu accuses Demi of being a bad brother while Timi plays hero
Down the drain – Forbidden
Down the drain – ForbiddenDesola's mental state is questioned, Demi and Timi let the press know that they'll be taking over again and Desola asks the detective and kill her nephews
Not so dead after all – Forbidden
Not so dead after all – ForbiddenEnitan is taken away by Eboh's croons, Demilade finally learns that his mom and cousin are still alive and KTG assures Timi that no harm will come to Enitan
Internal Wars - Forbidden
Internal Wars - ForbiddenKTG and his crew plan to break Timi free, the police confirm his disappearance to Chinalu and he refuses to sign his shares over
The devil's incarnate – Forbidden
The devil's incarnate – ForbiddenDemilade budges into Desola's office and accuses her of murdering Eboh, Chinalu advises Timi to speak to Enitan and Desola meets up with the commissioner
Wedding Basher – Forbidden
Wedding Basher – ForbiddenTimi spirals out of control with his ideas and KTG manages to capture Desola's croons for a confession
Incriminated – Forbidden
Incriminated – ForbiddenDemi reveals his suspicions to Archie, Eboh spooks Enitan out and has her digging for help
A route too steep – Forbidden
A route too steep – ForbiddenEboh insists that the officer destroy the evidence against her, Enitan freaks out about her little incident and Demi write Eboh off completely
No love allowed – Forbidden
No love allowed – ForbiddenDerin clears the air about Demilade's intentions and Chichi drops a bomb none of the Braithwaites would be willing to let explode
A true ride or die! – Forbidden
A true ride or die! – ForbiddenChinalu made another huge sacrifice to get her boyfriend US$3,000 but instead of being grateful he accused her of sleeping around to score money from sugar daddies
Blurred lines – Forbidden
Blurred lines – ForbiddenHaving allowed Becky to cross the line so many times, Demilade's refusal to play along lands him in hot waters
Bearing the consequences alone – Forbidden
Bearing the consequences alone – ForbiddenEnitan confronts Demilade after he fails to stand up to his dad and protect her from getting punished for something they did together.
Tricky Family Matters - Forbidden
Tricky Family Matters - ForbiddenIt seems like the Doregos’ own Timi cannot secure himself an office space at AD&C.
Tick Tock – Forbidden
Tick Tock – ForbiddenEboh's lawyer advises her to plead guilty, Demilade reveals his intentions to testify and Timi kisses Chinalu
Unfortunate – Forbidden
Unfortunate – ForbiddenA video proving Eboh's guilt falls onto the detectives' laps but the Dame manages a slippery escape, Demi is shot and Chinalu falls back into Timi's arms
Troubled – Forbidden
Troubled – ForbiddenKTG hires a new hand, Eboh manages another camouflage stunt and Enitan gets a surprise work visit
On my knees – Forbidden
On my knees – ForbiddenEnitan lands a gig with Red Sands, Eboh has her husband investigated, the Chairman says his goodbyes.
Thicker than water – Forbidden
Thicker than water – ForbiddenDemilade gives Timi a tough time about their shared bloodline, trouble brews at AD & C and the chairman fails to reserve himself at the dinner table
The deep and the dark – Forbidden
The deep and the dark – ForbiddenThe chairman's suspicions about his wife's evil deeds heightened and Enitan's inability to handle her alcohol leads her right back into Demilade's arms
The truth and the thorns – Forbidden
The truth and the thorns – ForbiddenThe Doregos clan remains a subject of investigation, Dipo tells Timi the truth about the 'hush' money and Eboh finds Demilade fully submerged in confusion
New alliances – Forbidden
New alliances – ForbiddenThe journalists find themselves in opposing positions, AD&C's new flirts gets under Enitan's skin and the chairman is taking aback by the images sent to him
Loose ends – Forbidden
Loose ends – ForbiddenKazeem beats up an old croon, the Chairman gets an unpleasant phone call, Enitan gets submerged in hots and Eboh question's Demi's therapist
Family bonds are threatened – Forbidden