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Uncovering Chief Erhu's killer – Covenant Image : 16307
Mourning and Mystery – Covenant Image : 16300
Mourning and Mystery – CovenantAs Purity continues to grieve over the loss of Folarin, and her father's rage builds as he plots revenge, a new tragedy strikes as news spreads about the death of Werey Wanle.
A sore winner - Covenant Image : 16292
A sore winner - CovenantFolarin mocks AK about stealing his woman while Uncle J makes another attempt to save a lost soul.
Making relationships work - AM Exclusive Image : 16287
Making relationships work - AM ExclusiveAnnette Adebusuyi and David Eyo share some of their usual and unusual secrets to a successful relationship.
MKI wants a divorce - Covenant Image : 16280
MKI wants a divorce - CovenantExhausted from the constant conflicts, MKI asks for a divorce while Talia has been forced to break it off with JK.
A murder and a frame-up - Covenant Image : 16274
A murder and a frame-up - CovenantMillicent confronts her parents about the upcoming party. Meanwhile, Were Wanle discovers his son has been murdered and Talia is found in possession of illegal drugs.
A platter of woes for GJG - Covenant Image : 16269
A platter of woes for GJG - CovenantAs the political winds of change swirl around the state capital, Fatimah has been named by the Godmother to be GJG's Deputy Governor. Meanwhile, MKI has asked Santiago to release a potentially damaging video that could rock the current GJG's administration.
Fistfights and witch hunt - Covenant Image : 16255
Fistfights and witch hunt - CovenantWhile the Ijimakinde boys settle their differences with a fistfight, Duchess feels the wrath of GJG.
Santiago's revenge - Covenant Image : 16251
Santiago's revenge - CovenantSantiago finally gets his pound of flesh from Walatalai while Purity rejects Folarin's proposal.
Mama's bad boys - Covenant Image : 16243
Mama's bad boys - CovenantGJG's indiscretion and MKI's high-handed antics won't be tolerated by the godmother anymore. Uncle J shares a passionate moment with Talia while Millicent gets questioned about her loyalty.
Damage control - Covenant Image : 16237
Damage control - CovenantAK's affair with Purity is in the spotlight and it's up to the entire Ijimakinde family to control the narrative and shut down the scandal.
Death, secrets, and old sins - Covenant Image : 16228
Death, secrets, and old sins - CovenantAs Talia mourns the loss of Iya Flexus, Uncle J reveals his true identity to Okra, and Duchess confronts GJG for sins of the past.
Uncovering Chief Erhu's killer – Covenant