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Day 41– 2 Sept: The All Stars and their Nigerian music star counterparts – BBNaija

02 September 2023
In the spirit of music week, let's take a look at the superstar artists the BBNaija housemates embody. 

This week, the All Stars have given us a good dose of musical entertainment, showcasing their incredible talent and versatility with tasks and challenges presented to them by Biggie. Noting how well they sang and their attitude towards the musical tasks posed to them, we have decided to highlight the characteristics of the All Stars, from music to behaviour, and compare them with popular Afrobeats musicians. By doing so, we can appreciate the All Stars' unique qualities and see how they measure up to some of the biggest names in the Afrobeats industry. This comparison will not only showcase their individual strengths but also shed light on their potential for success beyond the Big Brother Naija house. 

Photo Credit: @dareynow

Adekunle: Dare Art Alade

Even though singing is not his strong suit, Adekunle's rich baritone reminds us of Dare Art Alade, a Nigerian singer known for his soulful vocals and captivating stage presence. Adekunle's ability to stand strong in the face of all the drama in the house and make a commanding presence is also reminiscent of how strong Dare has stood as an R&B singer in an industry heavily influenced by pop music.  

Photo Credit: @officialwaje

Alex: Waje

Words aren't just enough to describe how Alex has stood out and been unique in the All Stars house. Often referred to as a stallion by her fellow housemates, Alex has shown immense strength and resilience throughout her journey. Just like Waje, a Nigerian singer known for her powerful voice and distinct style, Alex's presence in the house is undeniable and leaves a lasting impact on everyone around her. 

Photo Credit: @officialniniola

Angel: Niniola

Due to her confident, daring, and bold personality, we have likened Angel's character to that of superstar Niniola. Niniola, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, is known for her energetic performances and fearless attitude, just like Angel in the All Stars house. Both women exude a sense of fearlessness and are unapologetically themselves, making them unforgettable to those around them. 

Photo Credit: @iamseyishay

Ceec: Seyi Shay

Bold and bossy with a boatload of talent, Ceec has confidently stamped her name as a force in the All Stars house, just like Seyi Shay, a Nigerian singer-songwriter known for her strong personality and powerful vocals. Both Ceec and Seyi Shay are not afraid to express themselves and showcase their talent, making them stand out in their respective fields. 

Photo Credit: @iambangalee

Cross: D'banj

The energy Cross gives in the house reminds us of the unique vibe of singer D'banj, known for his energetic performances and charismatic stage presence. Both Cross and D'banj have a natural ability to captivate audiences with their infectious energy and charm. Whether it's in the Big Brother Naija house or on a concert stage, both individuals leave a lasting impression with their lively personalities and captivating delivery. 

Photo Credit: @tiwasavage

Doyin: Tiwa Savage

Strong-willed and opinionated, Doyin has crafted a space for herself in Biggie's house. She possesses a similar level of confidence and talent as Tiwa Savage, a renowned Nigerian singer known for her powerful vocals and authentic attitude. Just like Tiwa, Doyin is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in, making her a force to be reckoned with in the Big Brother Naija house. 

Photo Credit: @official_ikechukwu

Ike: Ikechukwu

Apart from the fact that they both share the same name, Ike does have that rapper swag that reminds us of Ikechukwu, a renowned Nigerian rapper known for his smooth flow and charismatic stage presence. Ike's confident demeanour and effortless style make him a standout in the Big Brother Naija house, just like Ikechukwu in the music industry. Both Ikes bring a certain level of coolness and swag to their respective fields, making them memorable and influential figures. 

Photo Credit: @ayrastarr

Ilebaye: Ayra Starr

Gen Z baddie like no other 😆. Ilebaye possesses a charm that resonates with her fellow housemates yet retains a strong persona that stands her out from the rest. Her unique fashion sense and unhindered attitude make her a trendsetter among her peers. Just like Ayra Starr in the music industry, Ilebaye is carving her own path and leaving a lasting impact on those who encounter her.

Photo Credit: @symplysimi

Kim Oprah: Simi 

We have heard Kim Oprah belt out a couple of tunes in the All Stars house, and her tiny yet sonorous voice reminds us of none other than Simi, a talented Nigerian singer-songwriter known for her unique and melodious voice. Simi's notable voice resonates with Kim Oprah's original style which has made her stand out among fellow All Stars. 

Photo Credit: @tenientertainer

Lucy: Teni

Like Teni, Lucy has established herself as a strong-willed housemate with principles. Teni, a popular Nigerian singer-songwriter, is known for her bold and unapologetic personality, just like Lucy. Both women are not afraid to speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in, leaving a lasting impact on those around them. 

Photo Credit: @Omawonder

Mercy Eke: Omawumi

Original and true to herself are terms synonymous with Mercy Eke. Her musical chops are not necessarily near what Omawumi delivers, but she does embody a similar fearlessness and authenticity in her own way. Mercy Eke has managed to create a brand and persona that are undeniably unique, just like Omawumi. Both women have the ability to captivate their audience and leave a lasting impression with their talent and individuality. 

Photo Credit: @fireboydml

Neoenergy: Fireboy  

Young, fresh, and unique are Neoenergy's foremost attributes. Coupled with a good voice, he embodies the vibrant nature of superstar Fireboy DML, who has set a trend in the Nigerian music space with soulful and energetic musical pieces. Both are big on being unique with their brand and well put together in their appearance, which stands them out amongst their peers. 

Photo Credit: @bankywellington

Pere: Banky W

Pere's smooth voice and crooner swagger scream Banky W. A renowned Nigerian R&B singer, Banky W is known for his soothing vocals and charismatic stage presence. Pere's ability to captivate his fellow housemates with his attention-grabbing voice and confident demeanour mirrors Banky W's talent and style in the music industry. 

Photo Credit: @joeboyofficial

Prince Nelson: Joeboy 

Prince Nelson has set himself apart in the All Stars house as a competitive house guest who is also a good dancer and a moderate singer. His versatility and charm remind us of Joeboy, a talented Nigerian artist known for his catchy tunes and impressive dance moves. Just like Prince Nelson, Joeboy has the ability to entertain and captivate his audience with his energetic performances. 

Photo Credit: @davido

Seyi: Davido

Proud of his roots and strong in character, Seyi reminds us of Davido, a Nigerian artist who is known for his confidence and strong personality. Just like Seyi, Davido has always been proud of his Nigerian heritage and uses his time in the All Stars house to express his identity and beliefs. Both Seyi and Davido are not afraid to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in, making them influential figures wherever they are. 

Photo Credit: @TimayaTimaya

Sholzy: Timaya

Proud of their south-south roots, both Sholzy and Timaya embody the essence of their culture through their music and style. Sholzy, just like Timaya, is known for his energy and the vibrant spirit of the south-south region. They inspire others to embrace their heritage and celebrate their roots. 

Photo Credit: Getty

Soma: Burna Boy

Soma is one of the tallest housemates in the All Stars house. So is it safe to say he is "twice as tall"? You already know where we are going right?😏 Apert from his height, Soma's vocal texture and singing style mirrors that of Burba Boy, another popular Nigerian artist known for his deep voice and unique music style. Soma's ability to effortlessly blend different genres in his performances also showcases his versatility, just like Burna Boy. 

ICYMI: Soma was the one who produced the track for the music wager challenge. 

Photo Credit: @yemialade

Venita: Yemi Alade

Talented in the arts and dynamic in style, Venita showed the world a taste of her artistic prowess during the money week. Though we have not heard too much of her vocal abilities, her talent in the arts is reminiscent of Yemi Alade's artistic skills, which have set her out as Mama Africa in the musical industry. Both Venita and Yemi Alade have a knack for incorporating vibrant colours, bold fashion choices, and energetic performances into their artistry. 

Photo Credit: @2niteflavour

Whitemoney: Flavour

Even though he is not the best at twisting his waist to jamming tunes, 😂 Whitemoney has often marketed himself as the Odogwu of the All Stars house. His pride in his roots reminds us of Flavour's consistency in churning out music in his native language often putting elements of his culture in his records. Whitemoney's love for his culture and his desire to showcase it through his music is reminiscent of Flavour's dedication to representing his own heritage. Both artists use their platforms to celebrate their roots and bring a unique flavour to their audiences.  

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