Season 8 strip



BB Naija: Level Up reality star, Adekunle, makes his comeback to BB Naija, this time as a contestant in this season’s All-Stars edition.

A lot has changed since the last time Adekunle walked Biggie’s corridors. For starters, he is now the proud owner of an ear piercing, a ‘first’ for this charming Lagos native.

Adekunle considers his first time on the show a learning curve that helped him gain a new perspective on life and hopes his experience will take him to the top this time around. “Last season, I was at a point where I was trying to rediscover myself. I was trying to react, relate and adapt to a new environment with new people. This time things will be different.”

Adekunle is excited at the prospect of being part of the Big Brother Naija social experiment again and looks forward to coming out tops. “This is my second chance to win the money. Fuel is expensive o.”

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