Season 8 strip




Surname: Essien

First Name: Lucy

Other Name: Edet

Big Brother Name: Lucy

Hobbies: Cooking, Dancing, Eating

Brief Bio: I Am Fun Loving, Easy Going, Caring Person and I Am Also a Crazy Person.

Occupation: Business Woman

Date of Birth: 04/04/1990

State of Residence: Lagos

State of Origin: Cross River

Country of Residence: Nigeria

Relationship Status: Single

Explain Your Relationship Status: I Am Single by Choice

Describe Yourself: I Am Awesome and I Tend to Care Too Much About My Friends and Family.

What Has Been the High Point of Your Life? Watching My Businesses Grow and Handling My Brand Myself and Seeing It Become Something That People Love to Associate with.

What Has Been the Low Point of Your Life? When I Came Out of The BBN House and I Got So Much Hate for Being Original.

Tell Us About the Last Time You Were On the Show: I Think I Did Pretty Well, I Lived My Best Life and I Lived My Truth and I Also Gave a Show or Else Why Else Am I Here?

Tell Us Something New That Has Happened Since the Last Time You Were On the Show: So Much, Firstly My Grill Business Has Picked Up and I’ve Built a New Brand That Being the Unisex Salon and I’m Also Working On Partnering with A Clothing Line.

Why You Have Decided to Come Back to Big Brother’s House: I Am Excited to Be Back Cause of the Buzz and Exposure It Will Bring to Me and My Brand.

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