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Day 2: Lit mornings and high energy in the House – BBNaija

25 July 2022
Some are fitter than others, but energies are up!
Doyin carrying Bella on her neck

While some people start their mornings in solitude, Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemates start theirs with loud music and dance moves. The Level 2 Housemates chilled around their Lounge enjoying their morning coffee while jamming to some tunes. 

Level 1 Housemates weren't any different, huddling to the Arena after Biggie required their immediate presence there. After all, when Biggie says "jump", you need not ask any follow-up questions. 

Eloswag led a portion of the morning's workout with an interesting and easy-to-follow dance routine. Eloswag, however, did not join the rest of the group workout. He decided to focus on his dance routines. Was he prepping for tomorrow's workout, maybe?  

One at a time, Level 1 Housemates led the group, adding some cardio moves and squats. 

Bella turned into a dumbbell as Doyin placed her on his shoulders to squat. Bella seemed to enjoy the ride, sharing occasional giggles as Doyin squats. 

Dance routines also took off on Level 2 with Kess, Christy O and Groovy getting their moves on in the mirror. Christy O eventually invited Groovy to a conversation who honoured it and said "I've been admired for a minute." She asked him about his music, writing process and passion, and his responses were consistent: "Music is me. Groovy is music." 

Groovy seems to be quite a hit in the House. Beauty has feelings for him but says she does not want to cause trouble for him because she realises that other ladies are interested. On the other hand, Kess admitted to liking Beauty and wanted to talk to her about her drinking which he feels contributed to her erratic behaviour last night. 

Beauty spent a portion of her morning cuddling with Khalid, who she soon family zoned. "You give me big bro vibes," she said to him. 

On Level 1, the Housemates bonded on the couch, sharing conversations and encouragement. Hermes, Eloswag and Allysyn were encouraging Diana to venture into the beauty business. She was getting compliments about how beautiful her skin and hands are from her fellow Housemates. 

This was not too far off from last night's conversations. 

Eloswag complemented Diana a lot during their chat yesterday. He asked about her business, if she preferred Nigeria or France and what talents she has.  

Another hit in the House is Sheggz. The London-born ex-football player turned actor had women crushing last night. He sat next to Bella as the Level 1 Housemates got to know each other. Their physical closeness led to an intimate conversation today. Bella described what her ideal marriage proposal would look like, stating every detail to the T. 

Day 2 and we are on marriage proposals? It's gonna be an interesting season. 

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