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Day 39: Shippers get cosy – BBNaija

31 August 2022
So much happened around the shippers in Biggie's House. Here is a look at all of what went down.

This season of Big Brother has seen a number of Housemates pair up into ships with some that sailed earlier on the season and others that recently left the harbour. Naturally, affection and kind gestures were the order of the day for some of the Level Housemates since the season began and this time around, it was no different as the shippers gave us the warm and fuzzies.


Sheggz and Bella who recently had a spat over Bella's lack of affection towards him started their day off on a different footing. Bella was seen serving Sheggz some coffee and her efforts were reciprocated with some warm affection from Sheggz. 

As the Tail of House, Sheggz had to dress up in a clown's costume provided by Biggie, and Bella was seen assisting him with it and encouraging him since he was reluctant to wear the skirt that came with the costume.


Groovy and Phyna's ship started when the House was still separated into Levels. The pair's ship seemed a bit weak at first since Groovy still held a candle for Chomzy whom he said was beautiful. Since the merger though, him and Phyna have grown even closer as they spend almost every waking moment together.

During the Level Up gentlemen's club meeting, Groovy was heard telling the president of the club that he would rather be with a woman, referring to Phyna, than to be in the presence of great men. He added that "even for me to be here, I had to go and consult my aquaPhyna to get permission to be here."

Giddyfia and Rachel

During the Live Eviction show the table shaker, Ebuka asked Giddyfia about his and Rachel's conversation that took place in the toilet where the latter was visibly upset. Giddyfia gave a cryptic answer which prompted Ebuka to ask Rachel if she thought Giddyfia had feelings for her, to which she said "yes". The pair have become closer since the merger but maintained that they are just friends. 

Rachel, however, was upset at Giddyfia for "not having her back" during Ebuka's questioning on Sunday. She told Deji who was their mediator that she felt Giddyfia was selfish for his actions and that he is refusing to own up to them. "Why won't you just grow up and own up to what you did?" asked Rachel when Giddyfia tried to defend himself during the intervention. Giddyfia eventually apologised to Rachel for being ambiguous during the Live Eviction Show.

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Daniella and Dotun

On winning the Head of House Game, Dotun and Daniella had more alone time together than most as he chose her to share the HoH bedroom with. The pair have not openly declared their feelings for one another to the Housemates, though they share a deep conversation last week where they reflected on when they first met. Daniella was even heard saying, "I will be shamed and you will go scot-free," when she and Dotun were considering their feelings for one another. Earlier in the season, Daniella formed a close connection with Evicted Housemate, Khalid.

Today, however, things were a lot cosier between the pair as they were seen on several occasions cuddling in bed in the HoH bedroom. Daniella and Dotun even spent an afternoon siesta together in the bedroom.

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Which one of these BBNaija ships are you rooting for?

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