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Day 5 - Blooper-filled Arena Games

24 July 2020
Big Brother Naija Lockdown’s first Betway Arena Games got underway and, well, the Housemates just couldn’t come unstuck.

The first Betway Arena Games was a comedy of errors as Brighto tore his gloves, Eric spilled the chemicals all over himself and Neo wrapped a ripped hair net over his head. Vee didn’t even want consolatory applause from her fellow Housemates.

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The Coronavirus-themed obstacle course made it clear to Big Brother: he was grateful that none of the Housemates are medical practitioners. Housemates were given two minutes to change into medical attire and then gather supplies. None of them was able to complete the course in time.

The words “All of you failed” rang through the Arena Room. And even though there was nothing at stake other than bragging rights, the failure still stung, just that little bit. You could tell in the Housemate’s faces.

Lilo and Nengi went the furthest though, and as a consolation, were not deducted ten seconds off of their time. Some of Nengi's fans took this as a reason to celebrate.

At the end of the game, Big Brother jibed: “You have succeeded in contaminating the drugs you were supposed to be dispensing. Big Brother is grateful that some of you aren’t medical practitioners.”