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Day 24: The Oppo game of musical chairs

12 August 2020
Nothing beats playing an exciting game of musical chairs, especially when you’re on Lockdown.
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Today’s Task had the Lockdown Housemates playing the game of musical chairs, courtesy of Oppo Nigeria.

First, Oppo Nigeria had them kitted fully for the Task ahead and you can always trust your Lockdown Housemates to put their swag into any merchandise and give us some fire looks.

After the Task brief was read by Erica, the Housemates were instructed by Biggie to go into the Arena for the first phase of the Oppo Challenge – the musical chairs game. This first activity in the Arena was played to determine the teammates for the main Oppo Challenge by playing the game of musical chairs.

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The quest

As you know, the game of musical chairs is played by walking around chairs to music and when the music is turned off, the players find a chair to sit down on.

All Housemates were required to split into two groups of eight males and eight females in each group. There were seven chairs carefully arranged in the Arena. Once the song started playing, the female group began the game by dancing around the chairs. When the song stopped, the Housemate without a chair automatically became number one and was required to sit on the bench.

Again, the music then played and the remaining seven Housemates danced around the chairs until the music stopped. The Housemate still standing became number two and sat on the bench. This went on until all the Housemates in group one had their numbers. Once group one was done, the seven chairs were reset to the original position and it was the turn of the male group to play. Then this went on until all members of the group had a number.

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Let’s dance, shall we?

As soon as the music started playing, the Lockdown ladies started dancing, while some were practically dragging their feet to align their bodies with the chairs. Cheater alert! Starting with Lucy, the ladies all dropped one by one out of the game and the chairs kept reducing in numbers. Then was Wathoni, Kaisha and the rest, until it was left with Vee and Nengi to go butt-to-butt in this game. Nengi came out victorious in this round.

1597249179 34 screenshot 2020 08 12 at 13.11.42

As for the guys, let’s just say they were having fun with the Task and it was funny seeing Ozo and Neo fight for the chair to enable them play and end up being paired with their preferred partners. As luck (or not) would have it, cupid turned it’s arrow the other way around and Neo ended up winning this round which would make him automatically paired with Nengi, while Ozo with Vee. Or maybe not…

1597249352 34 screenshot 2020 08 12 at 13.28.34

Our VAR caught some of the Housemates cheating intentionally just to make sure their numbers matched that of their resident baes. We see you Tolanibaj/Prince and Erica/Kiddwaya. Or should we just agree that it was a coincidence? Lol. Let’s see how Biggie judges this.

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