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Zulu’s confession – Mungoma Image : 3078
Catching the Prime Suspect – Mungoma Image : 3017
Catching the Prime Suspect – MungomaTapiwa unsuccessfully drugs Ruzivo and the next morning, she is confronted about the tea she offered her the previous night. News comes out that the prime suspect for Naomi’s death has been arrested.
Revenge and interventions – Mungoma Image : 3003
Revenge and interventions – MungomaChichi fights for love and freedom from her parents, meanwhile, Andrea Zulu embarks on a journey of revenge for Mungoma.
Reviving Mungoma – Mungoma Image : 2998
Reviving Mungoma – MungomaNaomi searches for supernatural means to revive Mungoma Records. She appoints Alex as the new CEO of the record label meanwhile Andrea struggles with accepting the company’s new reality.
Celebrate seven years of Zambezi Magic! Image : 2997
Celebrate seven years of Zambezi Magic!The stars of our favourite shows wish Zambezi Magic a happy seventh birthday and more years of creating magic on screen!
Escaping Zulu’s trap – Mungoma Image : 2993
Escaping Zulu’s trap – MungomaAlex is faced with difficult decisions to make while Zulu charges after him get back Mungoma Records.
Shutting down the premises – Mungoma Image : 2875
Shutting down the premises – MungomaRuzivo is fed up with Alex and their marriage meanwhile Mungoma records is on the verge of a shut down due to unpaid taxes.
A father’s betrayal Image : 2859
A father’s betrayalBusiku discovers that his wife Towela slept with his father Zulu in the past. Zulu tries to explain himself.
Numbers don’t lie Mungoma Image : 2847
Numbers don’t lie MungomaAlex confronts Zulu about the song he gave to Malaika and Zulu makes it clear that he has control over what Mungoma does with the music.
“Someone is trying to kill me” – Zulu - Mungoma Image : 2835
“Someone is trying to kill me” – Zulu - MungomaZulu seems to be a bit freaked out after the latest death threat against his life and he sees that the walls are slowly closing in on him and he has to think of a solid solution, fast!
Nkalango is back from the dead - Mungoma S2 Image : 2831
Nkalango is back from the dead - Mungoma S2Naomi is not impressed that Nkalango played her for a fool and is back from the dead. Nkalango has no regrets and he would do it all over again, just to make sure Naomi gets a taste of her own medicine.
“This is my friend, mom” – Chichi – Mungoma S2 Image : 2825
“This is my friend, mom” – Chichi – Mungoma S2Chichi’s mother busts her while she’s trying to get to know a certain young man. Needless-to-say, it doesn’t end well for the young gentleman.
A fight for fatherhood – Mungoma Image : 2819
A fight for fatherhood – MungomaZulu threatens Nkhalango and asks him to leave Ruzivo alone, yet Nhkalango believes he is the rightful father. Talk about a fight for responsibility!
I love you like a sister – Mungoma Image : 2815
I love you like a sister – MungomaOne of these days Muzo’s selfishness will catch up with him and all these broken hearts he’s left along the way, will want their revenge. Another one bites the dust as Muzo tells her he doesn’t like her like that.
A little competition is not bad – Mungoma Image : 2811
A little competition is not bad – MungomaZulu shows everyone who’s boss and how he made it through this industry; by introducing new artists to the label so that the existing artists can be on their toes as well. No one likes competition.
I love him – Mungoma Image : 2803
I love him – MungomaA very disturbed Zulu accuses Towela of being a gold-digger and questions her intentions for is son, Musico, but Towela refuses to back down and confesses that she is in love with Musico.
Playing happy family – Mungoma Image : 2798
Playing happy family – MungomaMusico makes it crystal clear to his that he doesn’t want anything to do with ‘that man’ Zulu and that he’s not interested in playing happy family with them.
Confessions of a conniving woman - Mungoma Image : 2782
Confessions of a conniving woman - MungomaAll this time Naomi has been plotting and planning, it seems she might have slipped up because Towela is not pleased with what she hears on a certain recording.
The Music Kings have returned!! - Mungoma Image : 2673
The Music Kings have returned!! - MungomaMungoma is back with a second season of greed, betrayal and even stranger things!! Don't miss #ZMMungoma Season 2 every Thursday and Friday at 20:00hrs on #ZambeziMagic channel 162.
Watch Mungoma Season 2 before anyone else!! Image : 2672
Watch Mungoma Season 2 before anyone else!!The exhilarating world of the Zulu family is back by popular demand and we’re all so excited to see what more drama #ZMMungoma has in store for us in the new season. This “Watch Party” is an exclusive sneak peek at how much more love, betrayal and witchcraft can be expected, next on Mungoma.
Mungoma Season 2 On The Couch - Muzo Image : 2666
Mungoma Season 2 On The Couch - MuzoSeason 2 of our favourite musical drama is upon us and the host of On The Couch, Kaliwa "The Black Stallion" sits down with singer and songwriter, FJay, who plays Muzo on the show.
Tying up loose ends – Mungoma Image : 2530
Tying up loose ends – MungomaIn this epic season 1 finale, Ruzivo finds out that her first-born child will have to be sacrificed to Nkhalango's gods; Alex tries to break away from the Zulu family and Mungoma Records, and Naomi commits a deadly offense.
Another family secret exposed – Mungoma Image : 2527
Another family secret exposed – MungomaKangwa's grandfather hands him the illusive Mungoma Records shares, Zulu reveals to Ruzivo that he has a son, and Busiku and Towela bond over their differing fortunes - past and present.
The chickens come home to roost – Mungoma Image : 2520
The chickens come home to roost – MungomaThe police arrest Muzo for inciting violence and causing 'grievous bodily harm', ChiChi earns her mothers wrath, and Naomi receives a piece of information that could change everything.
Zulu’s confession – Mungoma

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