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Hambe cries for love back – Mpali Image : 4197
A growing family – Mpali Image : 2992
A growing family – MpaliAlbert out that Mwanida has been giving Frank company money. Marital affairs continue getting complicated for Nguzu with Monde leaving the farm.
The title deeds are missing! – Mpali Image : 2971
The title deeds are missing! – MpaliShadrech and Jairos get together to talk about the land documents but there is one problem. They are missing! Cephas regains his memory and tells Monde and Mwiza all about the sad things that happened to him at his father’s house.
Shady’s arranged marriage – Mpali Image : 2966
Shady’s arranged marriage – MpaliShady is disappointed in his mother for forcing him into marriage. While trying to set up her life again, Mwiza is offended by the headmaster’s request in exchange for a job.
“Where is my mother?” – Mpali Image : 2962
“Where is my mother?” – MpaliMonde finally gets to see Cephas but he no longer recognises her as his mother. Nguzu has decided to hand over the farm documents to Jairos and Shadrech.
Monde’s juju games – Mpali Image : 2956
Monde’s juju games – MpaliNguzu and Jairos have a tough time when Junza loses her temper because of Hambe’s arrest. Monde goes ahead with her plan to put a spell on Nguzu and she is caught red-handed by Shupiwe.
Trouble on the plantation – Mpali Image : 2950
Trouble on the plantation – MpaliTamara successfully works her tricks to occupy Chela’s seat in Nguzu’s accounts office. Logic spills all the beans to Patrick about Phil’s arrest.
Going after Frank – Mpali Image : 2942
Going after Frank – MpaliMwanida has discovered the truth about Frank and Selena plots her final revenge on Frank. Nguzu is under pressure to pay back the investor’s money.
Monde turns to magic – Mpali Image : 2937
Monde turns to magic – MpaliMwanida had Frank and Brown fighting over her. Driven by jealousy, Monde is doing everything in her power to make sure Nguzu buys her a car.
A special day – Mpali Image : 2931
A special day – MpaliNguzu made sure he was prepared for this Valentine’s Day with a special gift for each wife but Tamara spent her morning on a romantic date with Knox who proposed to her. Shupiwe’s ay was made when Nguzu gave her a brand-new car.
Hard pills to swallow – Mpali Image : 2923
Hard pills to swallow – MpaliShupiwe is giving Tamara a hard time about her affair with Knox. Chibale has decided to return to the Nguzu household but Hambe has a few things to get off his chest first.
Tamara gets caught! – Mpali Image : 2919
Tamara gets caught! – MpaliMwanida has decided not to divorce the “love of her life”, Frank and Shupiwe unexpectedly bumps into Tamara and Knox in action.
Fighting over love – Mpali Image : 2909
Fighting over love – MpaliChaos galore as Monde and Shupiwe fight to keep Tamara out of the main bedroom while Cephas gets into a fight with Logic over a bouquet of flowers he gave Pauline.
Chibale stands her ground – Mpali Image : 2903
Chibale stands her ground – MpaliChibale pours out her heart about how her marriage to Hambe is weighing her down. On the other hand, Monde and Shupiwe attack Tamara for her behaviour at school.
Tamara’s stance – Mpali Image : 2895
Tamara’s stance – MpaliHambe spends some time babysitting baby junior while Nguzu’s wives argue, trying to encourage their husband to kick Tamara out if she doesn’t return and work on the farm.
Hambe cries for love back – Mpali

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