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Unfinished business – Amooye Image : 2977
Jerry’s failed plan – Amooye Image : 2958
Jerry’s failed plan – AmooyeThemba tells Ntaz that someone might have seen him when he picked up the phone from the bin. Jerry decides to investigate the case without involving the police. Mutale goes to George’s house only to find his wife and child at home.
Love on the line – Amooye Image : 2948
Love on the line – AmooyeMutale and Wiza discuss the men they miss. Wiza’s lover, Dr Chirwa is troubled about losing his job and license because of his affair with her.
Fatal confrontations – Amooye Image : 2933
Fatal confrontations – AmooyeThemba and Ntaz decide to flee the scene of Noni’s death with efforts to hide the weapon. Her untimely death has left everyone confused and asking questions.
Noni’s failed plan – Amooye Image : 2921
Noni’s failed plan – AmooyeWiza and Dr. Chirwa kiss in front of Goodwill, taking advantage of his “blind” state. Noni comes up with a plan to hook Daphne up with another man but Kabwe sabotages it and Noni ends up in Temba’s hands drunk.
Daphne moves in – Amooye Image : 2912
Daphne moves in – AmooyeDaphne’s parents are pressurising her to talk to Kabwe to bring the money for damages. Noni is getting suspicious about Kabwe’s behavior and phone calls he has been receiving.
A word of advice – Amooye Image : 2577
A word of advice – AmooyeMartin tells Kabwe that Noni is a con artist and that the last time he saw her, she was being escorted out by the police.
Love is a losing game – Amooye Image : 2570
Love is a losing game – AmooyePaul is in an uncertain position after the robbery at his hotel. His decisions will cost him. Meanwhile Sepo decides that if she cannot have Dalitso and be happy then Dalitso and Kasonde should also be unhappy.
Asking for a friend –  Amooye Image : 2568
Asking for a friend – AmooyeNathan seems to have gotten the wrong end of the stick and talks about wanting to start a family with Wiza. Meanwhile Noni opens up to Kabwe, but how much will she reveal?
Call me Uncle K – Amooye Image : 2566
Call me Uncle K – AmooyeWiza’s search for her daughter Lulu leads her to Mr. Khumalo. He refuses to let her go until his conditions are met.
The past comes knocking – Amooye Image : 2563
The past comes knocking – AmooyeMuta is struggling to shake off her past insecurities about Daniel and Daphne’s past has finally caught up with her. How will she explain herself out of this one?
Noni has lost the plot – Amooye Image : 2562
Noni has lost the plot – AmooyeNoni is seeing the ghost of Alan and imagining that him and Kabwe are having a conversation with her. She pours her heart out to them and blames them for how she turned out. Little does she know that her mother is listening in on her ‘conversation’.
Skeletons don’t like closets  – Amooye Image : 2558
Skeletons don’t like closets – AmooyeIt seems all the secrets are coming to the forefront. Alan’s body has been discovered and it has left Noni shook. Sepo’s parents find out that she faked their death certificates so that she could get a scholarship into UNZA. Wiza and Dr. Chirwa also seem to have their own secret love affair in the works.
What is vs. what could be – Amooye Image : 2550
What is vs. what could be – AmooyeDuring her medicine induced slumber, Muta plays out how life could have been had she settled down with either Daniel and or James.
On the Couch with Catherine Mulope – Amooye Image : 2549
On the Couch with Catherine Mulope – AmooyeCatherine Mulope (AKA Wiza) takes her place On the Couch with Kaliwa ‘The Black Stallion' to talk about some of the most controversial aspects of the hit TV drama Amooye, and spill a little tea on what viewers can expect to see on season 2 of the show.
On the Couch with Kasazi Lungu – Amooye Image : 2548
On the Couch with Kasazi Lungu – AmooyeKasazi Lungu who plays Noni on the hit TV drama Amooye spills the beans on her character's fate in season 2, as well as the 411 on the differences between she and Noni, and how she gets into character.
On the couch with Thokoza Mhango – Amooye Image : 2547
On the couch with Thokoza Mhango – AmooyeThe woman behind the character of Muta shares the couch with Kaliwa ‘The Black Stallion' for an enlightening discussion highlighting what's in store for viewers on Amooye season 2.
Walk a mile in these shoes – Amooye Image : 2545
Walk a mile in these shoes – AmooyeIn the season opener of Amooye, Noni can't stop the frightening descent from riches to rags, and Wiza must wear the Superwoman cape once more to help Goodwill.
When trouble catches up – Amooye Image : 2290
When trouble catches up – AmooyeWiza faces a revolt from her working girls, Muta confesses about her involvement with Daniel and Noni's drinking spirals out of control
He won't leave his wife! – Umutenge Image : 2285
Fighting a losing battle – AmooyeNoni learns that her engagement to Kabwe may be canceled, Muta secret is about to be exposed and Wiza gets a rude awakening about the 'business'
Set-up – Amooye Image : 2272
Set-up – AmooyeKabwe starts to catch on to Noni's drinking problem, one of Wiza's girls exposes her to her husband, and Noni fears that Daniel and James' new friendship is not as innocent as it appears
Guilty feet have got no rhythm – Amooye Image : 2266
Guilty feet have got no rhythm – AmooyeNoni, Muta, and Wiza each struggle to come to terms with their involvement in Alan's death, they come together to work out a plan going forward
How to get away with murder – Amooye Image : 2261
How to get away with murder – AmooyeWiza tells a few white lies to bunk work, Muta is suspended from work, and Noni's mother step's in when she is confronted by Allan's wife
Too grown for these games – Amooye Image : 2247
Too grown for these games – AmooyeNoni and Kabwe's mothers' face-off as rumours and reputations come into question, Wiza tells off her new 'employees', and Kabwe's late-night meeting sets Noni's alarm bells ringing
Unfinished business – Amooye

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