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Pete: Taharuki Kisiwani


Mbura’s madness and Zurui’s illness – Pete

10 March 2021
Mbura returns home while Zurui is taken to Bodo for treatment.
Jasiri finds Mbura – Pete Image : 2859

After returning to Funzi from King’amboni, Mbura hasn’t been the same man – and with good reason. He had just buried his son when he found out that Kiza is his father. All along he had thought he was Mzee Dalu’s son and therefore rightful heir and ruler of Funzi Island.

Overwhelmed by this painful reality, Mbura fled the island without telling anyone. After a few days, a worried Jasiri ordered for a frantic search, to no avail.

In King’amboni, Mfalme Zurui’s health continued to deteriorate and even the medicine man that he had used for a long time could not treat his illness. Nimimi, his daughter and a trained nurse managed to convince her father to accept modern medicine and be treated in a hospital in Bodo.

Back in Funzi after the search for Mbura bore no fruit, Jasiri decided to go to the forest to look for Mbura himself.  He got there in time to save him from a wild animal and brought him back home.

As soon as Mbura arrived at the palace, he turned hostile and seemed to lose his grip on reality. It took three men to pin him down and take him to the hospital. Whilst there he continued to hallucinate about his dead son and Nimimi his wife. He also suffered temporary memory loss and could not even remember Karembo, who was once his fiancé.

The illnesses of both Zurui and Mbura has impacted the wedding plans for Nimimi who had already started preparing for her big day. What will this development mean for her going forward?

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