The price of betrayal in Lingashoni this November

Local 04 November 2021

Puleng goes from trying to stop Mandla and Seipati’s wedding to trying to conceal her murderous secret in Lingashoni this November.

The price of betrayal in Lingashoni this November

Even if the Celes aren’t facing down scandal of any kind, patriarch Mandla Cele (Patrick Mofokeng) can still uncover shocking secrets about his wives, Puleng (Thuli Thabethe) and Seipati (Liteboho Molise), in telenovela Lingashoni.

It’s no different this November when he regains parts of his memory, which indicate that Puleng tried to kill him 10 years ago. Throughout November, Mandla will try to put the puzzle together, causing a rift in his marriage.

Puleng isn’t the only one hiding in plain sight, though, as gangster Tebatso’s (Nkopane Mohola) cover is blown and his role in the recent shootout against the Mchunus is exposed.

While Puleng tries to escape her lies, Tebatso will pay the price for betraying his gang.

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Revenge gone wrong 

November begins with high drama on the menu. Bullets fly and people die during a shootout at the Mchunu family’s shisanyama – and it’s all Tebatso’s doing.

Angry that his gangster bosses Mdu (Malibongwe Yawu) and Ace Mchunu (Thato Mdakane) killed his girlfriend, Prudence (Nothando Ngcobo), in late October, Tebatso is set on vengeance. He is disappointed when he learns that Mdu and Ace are alive – and they’re searching for the person responsible for the shootout.

Rather than packing his belongings and going into hiding until the dust settles, Tebatso continues working for the Mchunus. But it’s only a matter of time until the Mchunu brothers figure out that Tebatso is behind the shooting, and they’ll teach him a lesson for betraying them.

Wedding woes 

On the surface, power couple Puleng and Mandla Cele appear to have an ideal union. They share a successful construction company in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg, and they appear crazy in love when they’re at business events together. However, it’s all a façade as Mandla recently uncovered Puleng and his rival Papi’s (Thato Molamu) affair. Although Mandla kicked Puleng out of their mansion and threatened to divorce her, she manipulates her way back into their home this November.

And that’s only the beginning of drama as Mandla drops a bombshell on his family this month: he tells Puleng that he is paying lobola for his wife of 10 years, Seipati. How could he pay lobola for a woman he’s been married to for a decade? Well, Mandla had amnesia and he’d disappeared shortly after he tied the knot with Seipati – and his family didn’t attend the wedding because they believed that he was dead. So, he wants to involve the entire Cele family in his and Seipati’s second wedding. But the family is divided by Mandla’s decision and Puleng goes as far as trying to stop the lobola negotiations with a dreadful revelation.

A trip down memory lane

Despite Puleng’s efforts to end the lobola negotiations, Mandla continues with his wedding arrangements. But he is stopped in his tracks when his memory comes flooding back and he recalls that Puleng and Papi tried to kill him a decade ago. Realising that she could lose her picture-perfect family, Puleng tries to distract Mandla from getting to the bottom of the truth, and of course, his memories.

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Missing in action 

As if Seipati’s life isn’t already in chaos with Mandla recalling his memories and turning the family upside down, she also receives a startling call when the month comes to an end: Seipati is asked to identify her brother Tebatso’s corpse at a mortuary. While she breathes a sigh of relief as the dead body doesn’t belong to Tebatso, one question remains: now where could Tebatso be?

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