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Local 04 August 2021

Mohau & Mpumi’s affair exposed in Lingashoni, this August on DStv

August sees Lingashoni’s Cele and Nondumo families divided by abductions, death threats, and even a marriage that’s rocked by a cheating scandal when a husband and wife’s kids are outed as lovers!

In addition, the telenovela has also moved to a later timeslot. Don’t forget to reset those series recordings and reminders, because Lingashoni now airs Monday-Thursday at 21:30 on 1Magic (DStv channel 103), rather than the previous 19:30 slot.

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A father’s worst nightmare 

The Celes are completely ripped apart in August when entrepreneur and family man Mandla (Patrick Mofokeng) gets to the bottom of his stepson Mohau’s (Jackson Molefe) affair with his beloved and very much married daughter, Mpumi (Lerato Nxumalo). In a fit of rage, Mandla confronts Mohau and eventually kicks the latter out of the house for “taking advantage of innocent Mpumi”.

As difficult as it is for Mandla to accept the truth, the reality is that Mohau and Mpumi are in love. To complicate matters, the stepsiblings entered into an affair minutes before Mpumi and Donald Nondumo’s (Siyabonga Sepotokele) wedding in early July. Little did they know that this would catch up to them and destroy their bonds with their loved ones…

Caught in middle 

What’s worse is that Mohau’s mom, Seipati (Liteboho Molise), is caught in the middle of the drama. If she sides with her son, Mandla threatens to send her packing, too.

It’s no surprise that Mandla feels betrayed, and to add insult to injury, he discovers that Seipati has known about the affair all along. Seipati will spend the entire August trying to end Mandla and Mohau’s feud. With her family in shambles, it’s going to take a prayer, luck and an unlikely pact with an enemy to bring her family together again.

Mpumi’s mayhem 

Mpumi is already battling to get along with her overbearing mother-in-law, Sarah (Zukisa Matola), and her life is going to get even more complicated when Mandla’s fiancé, Mantoa (Kelebogile Khuduge), gets wind of the affair. Much like Mandla, Mantoa storms into the Nondumo home in August, causes a scene, and confronts Mpumi.

It’s a bitter pill for Mantoa to swallow when she comes to terms with the fact that Mpumi is the reason that Mohau has been pushing her away.

It never rains for Mpumi, but it pours. While she manages to get Mantoa out of the house before Donald arrives back from work, she has another problem on her hands when Sarah overhears her conversation with Mantoa and threatens to reveal the affair to Donald. Mpumi will have two options: Fight for her marriage or fight before she’s further humiliated.

The Nondumos under attack

The Nondumos have plenty of trouble on their plates, but more pressing concerns might sweep everything onto the floor soon. They are forced to hire bodyguards and beef up their security in August after Donald’s mayor father, Robert (Luzuko Nkqeto), receives death threats against the family. The blackmailers demand a huge chunk of cash from the politician or else they’ll destroy his family, like they did in July when they abducted Donald.

The good news is that Robert has friends in high positions, and he’ll do whatever it takes to find the blackmailers. The sad news, on the other hand, is that he is unaware that the attack against his family comes from someone close to him – and he won’t who know until it’s too late.

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