Going head-to-head in Lingashoni this October

Local 13 October 2021

Puleng and Seipati reconcile, while Donald wants to be father in Lingashoni this October.

Whether it’s a marriage crumbling or a gangster avenging his girlfriend’s murder, even a couple clashing about expanding their family… things are heating up in telenovela Lingashoni this October on 1Magic (DStv channel 103).

As Seipati (Liteboho Molise) and Puleng (Thuli Thabethe), continue to fight for their husband Mandla Cele’s (Patrick Mofokeng) affections, only one woman will come out on top. But October is a month of surprises as the two wives will eventually unite.

Get ready for a month of suspense, drama and war!

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Beyond the grave

The tension in the Cele mansion is so thick, you could cut it with a knife this October. Just when Puleng was convinced that she’d killed Seipati and left her for dead in an abandoned shack out of town, Seipati returns home with a smirk on her face. It’s as if Puleng has seen a ghost when her sister-wife greets her with a hug.

What’s more interesting is that Seipati has no intentions of pressing charges against Puleng – at least, not yet. Seipati will expose her sister-wife’s devious actions when Puleng doesn’t see it coming. You can’t keep a good woman down!

Brought to light

October isn’t Puleng’s best month. As if her feud with Seipati isn’t causing her enough sleepless nights, her sidepiece, Papi (Thato Molamu), barges into Mandla’s office and he reveals his affair with Puleng. Not one to stand for betrayal, Mandla kicks Puleng out of their home. Seipati is thrilled as she didn’t even have to do much for Mandla and Puleng to separate – it was Puleng own doings.

Meanwhile, Puleng goes all out to salvage her marriage. She begs and pleads with Mandla to give her another shot but he refuses. In a twist, Puleng sets her sights on Seipati. She discovers a startling secret about Seipati and to up the ante, Puleng gives Seipati an ultimatum: “Help me save my marriage or else!” Seipati is cornered. Without an option, she agrees to help Puleng and the women call a truce.

Getting even

Tebatso (Nkopane Mohola) is out for vengeance when he learns that notorious Mchunu family have killed his girlfriend, Prudence (Nothando Ngcobo). First, they abducted her and held her hostage and when she stands up for herself and goes to the police to file a report, they murder her. Tebatso blows a gasket. Realising what’s at stake, Tebatso gathers his troops and they attack the Mchunus. Blood will be spilled and lives will be lost as Tebatso and the Mnchunus go to war.

On opposite ends

Having recently resolved their conflict and after he put his overbearing mother, Sarah (Zukisa Matola), in her place, Donald (Siyabonga Sepotokele) shocks his wife, Mpumi (Lerato Nxumalo), when he suggests that they have a baby. But Mpumi isn’t ready to be a mom yet. She already has a lot on her plate as a housewife, answering to Sarah’s demands. So Mpumi fears that a baby might destroy the progress that she’s made with Donald. Mpumi and Donald have been through many storms and back. Can their marriage survive another hurdle?

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