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Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island S8

20 Castaways are on SA’s Wild Coast, ready to outwit, outplay and outlast in Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island S8. Hear them roar!

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02 May 2021

Twenty Castaways from across South Africa have been brought together in a Survivor South Africa first – the chance to compete to be the ‘Sole Survivor’ on South African soil.

This year, Immunity Island is introduced as a very important element of the game. After each Immunity Challenge, the winning tribe will choose one castaway from the losing tribe to go to Immunity Island.

At the island, that castaway automatically receives an Immunity Island Necklace. This necklace serves as an Individual Immunity Necklace, but there's a twist to receiving it. Plus, the castaway sent to Immunity Island will have a choice: either stay and play or give up and go.


Dino lives his dream

01 September 2022

A wedding, relocating to Cape Town and representing South Africa in skydiving are on the cards for Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts winner Dino Paulo.

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