How many of these classic shows and movies have you watched?

On your Screen 20 April 2021

Maybe you never got around to watching these classic shows and movies, or maybe it’s time for you to rewatch them.

How many of these classic shows and movies have you watched?

Either way, to help cure your FOMO and make sure you don't miss out on some of the best entertainment to ever hit our screens, DStv and Showmax have got your back. It’s time to clear your schedule and get you on the right track so that next time someone mentions one of these shows, you’ll know what they’re talking about.

Now’s the time to catch up on all of the shows and movies you’ve heard so much about but haven’t had the time to watch. We’ve even got a list to get you started.

Get on track with DStv Catch Up

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out

Back in 2005, Nick Cannon introduced the world to a game show packed with improv and sketch comedy, and it’s now been renewed for its 16th season! So, before it hits our screens, catch up on all the hilarity, starting with Season 13, which is currently available on DStv Catch Up.

Grey's Anatomy

In case you missed it, the famous Dr Meredith Grey is back for another season of drama and heartbreak. This season follows recent global events and tugs on all of the heartstrings – even the ones you didn’t know you had. If you missed the first few episodes, relax… You can watch Season 17 on DStv Catch Up.

Entertainment to the max with Show Max


Competition makes the world go round, and in the world of showbiz, this is only amplified. Tinsel follows the rivalry between Reel Studios, founded by Fred Ade-Williams, and Odyssey Pictures, headed by Brenda "Nana" Mensah. It’s a recipe for romance, drama, and betrayal, and you can watch all 13 seasons on Showmax or follow the latest season weekdays at 20:30 CAT on Africa Magic Family, DStv Channel 154.


Romeo and Juliet eat your heart out. Two rival taxi businesses have found themselves in quite the predicament as a young couple falls in love in the middle of it all. Will their love survive their families’ politics? Find out by binging all eight seasons on Showmax. You can also follow the latest season Monday to Friday at 20:30 CAT on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161.

Up-to-date action with DStv


The year 2000 was a great year for sitcoms, and Girlfriends has since become a classic that’s perfect for watching again and again. Although the final season aired in 2008, you can relive the glory days with Toni, Maya, Lynn, and Joan as they navigate their way through life’s challenges. Set your reminders Monday to Thursday at 16:30 CAT and tune into 1Magic, DStv Channel 103.

Meet The Parents

For some light-hearted comedy after a long week, Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro will have you in stitches as Greg finally meets his girlfriend’s parents. Throw in the fact that Greg’s surname is Focker and you’ve got a recipe for six-pack-inducing laughter. You can catch the movie on Sunday 11 April at 13:35 CAT on M-Net Movies 4, DStv Channel 108.

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