How to keep everyone in the family entertained this holiday

How to keep everyone in the family entertained this holiday

News 23 December 2021

How to keep everyone in the family entertained this holiday

It’s finally the end of the year! Time to spend the holidays relaxing and doing our own thing. But what do you do to keep everyone in the family entertained and happy? From sports to reality shows and movies to documentaries, DStv’s got the whole family covered.

Upgrade your current DStv package for an explosion of entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Get ready to be entertained this holiday with the DStv Premium package. It’s so easy to upgrade even your little cousin can do it! So, what are you missing out on if you don’t upgrade?

For starters, DStv Premium has over 135 DStv channels, including around 16 SuperSport channels, edutainment, award-winning entertainment, news, local content, the latest blockbuster movies, and exciting pop-up channels – on up to five devices! Throw in Showmax at no additional cost and BoxOffice, and you have every type of entertainment under the sun.

Keep your family entertained this festive season – and into the new year – with endless hours of the best local and international content. Now the question to ask is, who is visiting, and what can they watch?

The religious grandmother who keeps the family together

Granny is always on the guestlist and she’s the cornerstone that keeps the family together, even if she does like to hang out in the kitchen giving Mom food advice. We bet she would love to hum along to the sweet, sweet tunes of gospel music. So, switch the channel to Trace Gospel, DStv Channel 332, for non-stop gospel hits to keep her happy and enjoying every moment.

Grandpa with all the logbooks

Every family has someone too smart for their own good, right? Well, with DStv Premium you won’t be too far behind. With so many interesting, educational shows, get ready to expand your knowledge on all types of topics together. So, while your grandfather is visiting, tune into the History Channel, DStv Channel 186, for full episodes of all things intriguing.

The rich auntie

It’s the smooth wig, the perfectly white kitten heels, and the fitted pencil skirt that make us love our auntie so much. She might be fancy and polished around the edges, but she is always up for a little spice. Keep your aunt glued to the screen with a channel dedicated to all things fashion, beauty and luxury by switching over to Spice TV, DStv Channel 190.

The car obsessed uncle

How is it possible that he knows every retro movie ever produced and every famous movie line?

Guess he is just a pro when it comes to international films. And because he is such a movie enthusiast, the best way to keep him from snacking on all the food in the kitchen before dinner? Turn the TV to M-Net Movies 1, DStv Channel 105.

The gossip mom

When a suspicious hush falls over the room, you know that the gossip mom is at it again. Always leading the juiciest conversations, give her some new material by tuning into Africa Magic Urban, DStv Channel 153, for everything current that’s happening in the media.

The sports fanatic

How do you know who the biggest sports fan is? They will rock up to any occasion – including a Christmas party – sporting their team’s jersey. You know who we’re talking about. But they don’t just walk the walk, they can talk about every player, every move and upcoming game predictions with ease. Just turn to SuperSport Action, DStv Channel 210, and satisfy their urge for all things sports.

Something for the kids

Look forward to a quieter holiday season with entertainment that truly captivates the hearts and attention of kids of all ages. This month the little ones can look forward to four new series, including two new live action shows and two animations. Find out just what to expect by checking out Nickelodeon, DStv Channel 305.

Keep the rest of the family entertained this festive season. Remember to download the MyDStv app to change your subscription today and enjoy livestreaming services on the DStv app from the comfort of your home.

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How to keep everyone in the family entertained this holiday

News 23 December 2021

How to keep everyone in the family entertained this holiday