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The King's Court

Obafemi is named king – Itura Image : 16301
Obafemi falls for a trick - Itura Image : 16291
Obafemi falls for a trick - IturaObafemi discovers the hard way that Sijuade still has some tricks up his sleeve.
The coronation of Balogun - Itura Image : 16284
The coronation of Balogun - IturaBalogun's attempt to ascend the throne ends in a disaster and Queen Teniade finally wakes up from her coma.
Relationship tips from Omosewa and Sijuade - AM Exclusive Image : 16289
Relationship tips from Omosewa and Sijuade - AM ExclusiveThe prince and everyone's favourite lady don't just tell us how to make it work, they showed us a bit too.
Relationship tips from Otunba and Wura - AM Exclusive Image : 16288
Relationship tips from Otunba and Wura - AM ExclusiveLife may have kept them apart, but they both certainly know a thing or two about keeping a relationship together.
Ayanniyi confronts Awojide - Itura Image : 16282
Ayanniyi confronts Awojide - IturaWhile Balogun consolidates his position as the ruler of Ibaokuta, Ayanniyi confronts Awojide for sleeping with his wife.
Diekola's fate - Itura Image : 16275
Diekola's fate - IturaDiekola is apprehended as the perpetrator of Ajadi's death and his fate is determined. Preparations are made to bury King Jagungbade. Moremi makes a difficult decision out of love.
Blood for a life - Itura Image : 16268
Blood for a life - IturaOlori Aderomoke refuses to give her blood to save Teniade. Balogun. Odejinmi is made aware of Diekola and Moremi's meeting up and Balogun Ojuade takes charge of Ibaokuta.
Royal vengeance - Itura Image : 16265
Royal vengeance - IturaThe royals of Ibaokuta get their pound of flesh from Agbako and his men.
The hunt for Agbako - Itura Image : 16254
The hunt for Agbako - IturaAs the hunt for Agbako intensifies, Prince Obafemi escapes an assassination while Odejinmi's dream foretells doom.
Ritual rites gone wrong - Itura Image : 16252
Ritual rites gone wrong - IturaSijuade's attempt to complete his father's funeral rites through back channels has gone wrong, and there are immediate consequences.
Test of loyalty and might - Itura Image : 16246
Test of loyalty and might - IturaDiekola's loyalty to his family is being questioned by his father while Balogun's might is being tested by Sijuade.
Obafemi is named king – Itura