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The King's Court

The final battle – Itura Image : 17459
Tears of a mother – Itura Image : 17385
Tears of a mother – IturaIn a heart-wrenching moment, Queen Teniade prevents Prince Sijuade from taking his own life and, embarks on a desperate mission to persuade Princess Aderiyike to flee with them.
No freedom for Yewande – Itura Image : 17320
No freedom for Yewande – IturaOdejinmi refuses to release Yewande until she discloses the whereabouts of Obafemi and the rebel forces. Omiwunmi remains resolute, insisting that the medication is having the desired impact.
Deinde falls on the sword – Itura Image : 17278
Deinde falls on the sword – IturaDeinde unveils his daring plan to dismantle Aare Odejinmi's tyrannical reign. But in a desperate bid to shield his fellow comrades from harm, he makes the ultimate sacrifice, taking his own life.
Yewande seeks the truth – Itura Image : 17141
Yewande seeks the truth – IturaAs whispers of Yewande's true parentage ripple through the town, she confronts her parents in a determined quest for the truth. Otunba's stubborn resolve lands him behind bars, igniting a brewing protest on the horizon
A grim reality – Itura Image : 17045
A grim reality – IturaAs the gallows fill with more prisoners, a grim reality dawns upon Odejimi and Princess Aderiyike. They are confronted with the harsh truth that an epidemic is rapidly spreading with no solution in sight.
An epidemic looms – Itura Image : 16981
An epidemic looms – IturaOdejimi and Omiwunmi are struck by shock as news of a rapidly spreading epidemic reaches the palace.
The faceoff – Itura Image : 16897
The faceoff – IturaDehinde returns with a burning grudge, determined to settle the score with Odejinmi for his role in his enslavement.
A mole in the camp – Itura Image : 16835
A mole in the camp – IturaThe rebels and the prince accuse each other of being the mole in the camp while Otunba lurks in the shadows using the situation to gather crucial intel for his personal gain.
Murder at the wedding – Itura Image : 16780
Murder at the wedding – IturaIn a chilling twist of events, Aderiyike is assassinated in Odejinmi's place during their wedding ceremony.
Ladugba's threat – Itura Image : 16732
Ladugba's threat – IturaAmid rumors of censorship and restrictions on freedom of association, Ladugba takes a bold stance, warning Odejinmi about the potential consequences of the path he plans to follow.
Hunting the princes – Itura Image : 16682
Hunting the princes – IturaAs Odejinmi embarks on a relentless pursuit of the hidden princes, Ladugba rekindles the flames of resistance to protect the city of Ibaokuta from his tyrannical reign.
The final battle – Itura

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