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The King's Court

Death and the invaders - Itura Image : 16213
Trouble at the palace - Itura Image : 16208
Trouble at the palace - IturaWhile Ominira perfects their plan to battle the powers that be, soldiers from Ibadan have laid siege to the palace.
Much ado about ammunition - Itura Image : 16196
Much ado about ammunition - IturaThere's unrest in the militia's camp over the stolen ammunition and Okunade’s relentless search leads to his death.
Odejinmi remains defiant - Itura Image : 16193
Odejinmi remains defiant - IturaEven with death hanging over his head, Odejinmi remains stubborn and Balogun Ojuade is only too happy to deliver the final blow.
Balogun's battle - Itura Image : 16186
Balogun's battle - IturaHaving fended off a threat to his life, Balogun Ojuade faces off with an even more powerful attacker.
Ibaokuta citizens feel the pain - Itura Image : 16177
Ibaokuta citizens feel the pain - IturaThe tussle for the crown continues and spills over into the lives of the citizens. They have to grapple with growing insecurity, famine, and no clear direction in leadership.
The abduction - Itura Image : 16176
The abduction - IturaAn abduction plot to force Obafemi into exile gets thwarted just in time as the palace is grappling with growing insecurity and saboteurs. Upon confronting Odejinmi about Moremi, Diekola discovers that she has been betrothed to him.
An abomination - Itura Image : 16170
An abomination - IturaWhile Aduke deals with her burden of truth, Aderomoke intercedes on behalf of her son. The return of Obafemi just in time to challenge his brother for the throne has been marred by an abomination.
Securing the crown - Itura Image : 16166
Securing the crown - IturaAs Obafemi and his mother go missing, Sijuade makes a case for him to be crowned king since he is next in line. Moremi on the other hand insists she cannot be without Diekola.
Drastic measures - Itura Image : 16164
Drastic measures - IturaAs Moremi and Oloye Abobaku's fates are sealed, Sijuade employs a drastic measure to prevent his brother from becoming king.
The burial rites - Itura Image : 16162
The burial rites - IturaIt’s time to perform the sacred burial rites for the late king and it must be done by the successor. Tension is brewing over who will take on the task. Is it Obafemi, the king's chosen successor, or Sijuade, the king's firstborn?
The first siege - Itura Image : 16154
The first siege - IturaThe kingdom of Ibaokuta’s important Odun Tuntun Festival is under threat. Odejinmi finds that he has more to contend with than invaders. Moremi has already made her choice.
Death and the invaders - Itura