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The judgment day – Eve Image : 15844
Mekhi plans to leave – Eve Image : 15744
Mekhi plans to leave – EveIn order to salvage what's left of Centrico, Mekhi plans on absconding, much to the delight of certain members. In other news, Peter has bay mama drama issues.
Seeking justice and a game plan – Eve Image : 15635
Seeking justice and a game plan – EveDespite heavy hearts and contempt for those responsible, parents of school children are determined to see justice done, while the Centrico gang is hatching yet another plan for dealing with Momoh.
The blackmail – Eve Image : 15482
The blackmail – EvePeter's extramarital affair is about to be his downfall. He is being blackmailed with pictures of this sordid affair. Mekhi confronts Cornelius about an attempt on her life.
Debt to pay – Eve Image : 15442
Debt to pay – EveIt is time for Adelomo to pay the debt owed to the governor for getting his sister out of jail. He also discovers his father's true motive while Cornelius discovers the mastermind behind Centrico’s troubles.
Temi is in danger – Eve Image : 15384
Temi is in danger – EveIn order to protect her life and that of her unborn child, Temi needs the assistance of a surgical specialist as soon as possible.
The trial begins – Eve Image : 15347
The trial begins – EveEzinne and Peter clash in court over the building collapse and Michael decides to hear his dad out.
Trouble at home – Eve Image : 15335
Trouble at home – EveAside from juggling a clandestine affair while trying to please a wife who feels unloved, Peter has to contend with Ezinne, who vows to fight until the bitter end.
A deal and concerns – Eve Image : 15284
A deal and concerns – EveAdelomo makes a precarious deal with the Governor. Muna and Mide are concerned about losing their jobs. Peter meets with the grieving families to discuss creating a class action suit.
The grave case – Eve Image : 15267
The grave case – EveEzinne has decided to represent the school responsible for the death of some pupils, something that isn't sitting well with the rest of the firm, and she will also face Peter in court.
Guilt weighs heavy – Eve Image : 15254
Guilt weighs heavy – EveAs Adelomo struggles with Toyole’s attempted suicide, Apata is vehemently opposed to Cornelius joining Centrico.
Stormy seas – Eve Image : 15194
Stormy seas – EveWith law enforcement on their heels, Centrico is beginning to buckle under the pressure as members are divided against one another.
The error – Eve Image : 15190
The error – EveMama's error of posting Temi's personal incident on a social platform earned her a rebuke from Peter while Ezinne seeks stronger financial options.
Pursuit of freedom – Eve Image : 15154
Pursuit of freedom – EveHaving hurt his sister due to his frequent absences, Adelomo has promised to use every resource at his disposal in an effort to free her from prison.
The land tussle  – Eve Image : 15144
The land tussle – EveFresh trouble is brewing as the tussle for a land turns violent despite the intent to take it to court.
Etinosa Idemudia joins the cast – Eve Exclusive Image : 15141
Etinosa Idemudia joins the cast – Eve ExclusiveSocial media influencer, actor, and filmmaker, Etinosa Idemudia joins the cast of Eve and plays the role of Oseye, a childhood friend of Ezinne.
Saidi Balogun joins the cast – Eve Exclusive Image : 15140
Saidi Balogun joins the cast – Eve ExclusiveSaheed joins the stellar cast of Eve as he plays the role of Charles Apata, a polygamist and a drug dealer. This veteran actor has appeared in various Yoruba films and English-language films.
Behind the scenes with Eno – Eve Exclusive Image : 15139
Behind the scenes with Eno – Eve ExclusiveTake a trip behind the scenes as Ebenezer Eno shares her experience on set for the new season of Eve.
Behind the scenes with Elozonam – Eve Exclusive Image : 15138
Behind the scenes with Elozonam – Eve ExclusiveWe explore the character of Harris and other casts of Eve through the eyes of Elozonam.
From the director's chair – Eve Exclusive Image : 15137
From the director's chair – Eve ExclusiveDirector Kanayo Omo takes us on a journey as he shares what we should expect from the fourth season of Eve.
Finale: Cornelius plays god – Eve Image : 14542
Finale: Cornelius plays god – EveAngered by her father's inability to separate business from real life, Mekhi has her father arrested for rape and murder, and Cornelius ensures that the sacred drive reaches Ezinne's hands for the final blow
Momoh stands up for Kemi – Eve Image : 14485
Momoh stands up for Kemi – EveMomoh totally ignores Chief's presence and professes his undying to Kemi, then goes off to put his bully funders in place by telling them that he won't be sharing the podium with Ajoke.
Cornelius claims he owns Momoh – Eve Image : 14417
Cornelius claims he owns Momoh – EveAfter failing to get Ajoke to play nice and be the first last, the Banjo and Cornelius clan have Adelomo convince Ajoke into accepting a staged life. She and Momoh will live separate lives but play family before the state.
Toyole has Adelomo acquitted of murder – Eve Image : 14356
Toyole has Adelomo acquitted of murder – EveWhile on the witness stand, Toyole confesses to having acted alone in murdering Angela and burying the body, and Adelomo is consequently acquitted of all charges.
The judgment day – Eve